The HSA program has changed once again for 2019. There are two major changes:

The Maximum HSA Contribution has increased for 2019

First, we are allowed to contribute more money to our savings account. Because this is a tax-free savings, we can assume every $1.00 we put in is equal to $1.25.

Maximum HSA Contribution – Self = $3,500 / Family = $7,000

HSA Increases

HSA Increases

The Maximum Annual Out of Pocket Expenses has Increased

Second, the maximum annual out-of-pocket expenses has also increased. This means that if we have an unhealthy year while enrolled in an HSA plan, the absolute maximum amount you’ll have to pay out of your own pocket has increased by a few hundred dollars.

Maximum Annual Out-of-pocket – Self = $6,750 / Family = $13,500