Both Supplement Plans and Advantage Plans will serve your needs. However we can identify which plan is better for you by laying out the specific needs you may have. The first thing is that a Supplement Plan will provide you access to any doctor throughout the United States whereas an Advantage Plan will make you sign up for a San Diego network of doctors. You can think of a Supplement Plan as a really robust PPO plan with access to every doctor in America for an in-network cost. You can think of an Advantage Plan as having an HMO network of doctors that you need to stay within to make sure your care is handled a proper out of pocket cost for you.

Supplement Plans are a bit more expensive because of that robust network of doctors and because most of your out of pocket costs will be covered immediately after a small deductible. Advantage Plans are usually a lot less expensive each month in premiums compared to Supplement Plans. Advantage Plans allow the carriers to get creative to offer unique solutions to their services so they can better serve you and save money. Those savings by the insurance carrier are passed along as monthly premium savings to you the insured. Sometimes these plans can be as inexpensive as only a few dollars a month. Advantage Plans are also unique because they can bundle dental and vision services as well as your prescription drug services into one plan offered by one insurance carrier. An Advantage Plan offers a one stop shop for all of your medical needs for only a few dollars a month.

If you want access to all the San Diego doctors and doctors throughout the United States, you want that strong PPO in network plan. You should select the Supplement Plan and be confident because all of your costs will be covered. You will have no problem finding doctors who will accept your plan and you can always feel confident that you will have the best health insurance available to you.

If you are interested in bundling all your prescription drugs needs, your medical needs, as well as dental and vision insurance, Advantage Plans can do this for you. When you select your Advantage Plan, make sure you can visit the doctors that you want to see for in network costs.

Note that Blue Shield has been offering Supplement Plans alongside Part D Prescription Drug Plans that can be paired with a Blue Shield Dental and Vision VSP Plan. So if you want the power of a Supplement Plan paired with all the added benefits, I suggest Blue Shield here in San Diego.

As always it is best that you speak to us: San Diego Medicare Brokers. Our HealthyMarks Medicare team can evaluate your needs and make the best decision for your health insurance. Our services are free to you, HealthyMarks has partnered with the insurance carriers in San Diego and they are willing to pay for our services to help you enroll in their plans.

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