What is the typical monthly premium for a Supplement Plan in San Diego for 2020?

Supplement Plans are paired with Original Medicare and a Part D Prescription Drug plan. So you’ll first pay the $144.60 for Original Medicare each month and then you’ll add on the costs for the Supplement Plan and the Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

Plan F was the most popular Supplement Plan because it had a $0 deductible. However, Plan F is no longer available in 2020 and the new best plan is Plan G with a $185 deductible. This deductible is a reduction the Original Medicare Part B deductible of $1408.

A 65 year old will pay $139.20 per month in 2020 for Plan G in San Diego.

Original Medicare $144.60 + Plan G $139.20 = $283.80 per month.

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