Who can help me enroll in Medicare?

  • What to do when I turn 65?

  • How do I enroll in Medicare?

  • What is Original Medicare - Part A and B?

  • How do I get my medicare number?

  • When am I eligible to enroll in Medicare?

  • What's the difference between Supplemental and Advantage Plans

  • Are my drugs covered under medicare?

  • Do I need to buy additional prescription drug insurance with my medicare?

Today we're going to walk through how to enroll in Medicare.


As you approach your 65th birthday you're going to receive a lot of medicare materials in the mail.  Feel free to ignore it all and instead go to medicare.gov. First and foremost, you need to apply for Original Medicare. Also called Part A and Part B.  This covers hospital stays, doctor visits and inpatient or outpatient care. 


Everyone is mandated to be enrolled in Original Medicare by your 65th birthday or you’ll start paying penalties.  So be sure to enroll at medicare.gov early. Most people pay $135 for Part A and B.


The next step is deciding which additional coverage to help pay for the out of pocket costs that Original Medicare doesn’t cover. You have two options here. 


Option 1 is enrolling in a Medicare Supplemental Plan... these are often the most popular plans because almost all doctors accept these plans and you'll have very few out-of-pocket costs.  Plan F and plan n are quite popular and will likely run you about 150 to $200 a month.


Supplemental plans unfortunately do not cover prescription drugs. You'll need to select a prescription drug plan to pair with your supplemental plan.  The good news: most people can find a prescription drug plan under $40.


So that’s 135 for Original Medicare… and probably a little over $200 for supplemental and drug plans.  You’re looking at $350 a month going down this route 1.


Option 2 is to choose a Medicare Advantage Plan.  health insurance providers attempt to get creative by bundling their additional health coverage not covered by original Medicare, prescription drug coverage, hearing and vision coverage into one plan. 


Most of these plans are extremely inexpensive for you the insured.  You can easily pay under $50 for an Advantage plan. To reduce costs, these plans generally are restrictive and narrow down the number of doctors you can visit.   So 135 for Original Medicare and under $50 for your Advantage plan. You’re looking at about $150 a month going down route 2.

The good news is everyone love their Medicare Plan. I have spoken to many people switching over to Medicare and the general consensus is that you're going to pay a lot less money each month for your plans and it's going to provide you with great coverage. it costs our government a lot to run the Medicare program but I am pleased that it provides great coverage to those using it.

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