Understanding San Diego Medicare Providers

​Now that you will be joining Medicare, you have a lot better insurance than what you had prior to this. Medicare as a health insurance offering is incredible because with the right plan you are able to visit essentially any doctor you wish here in San Diego. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about your out of pocket costs because they are significantly less with your new Medicare plan. Lastly, with a Supplement plan you will have access to doctors and facilities nationwide. You are always in network with your Supplement plan. San Diego has some of the best facilities including UCSD Medical Center and your Medicare plan can offer unrestricted access to their providers.

The following page describes the providers and hospitals you can visit. We will also cover the networks who accept medicare plans like Scripps and Sharp, as well detail which insurance carriers like UnitedHealthcare and Blue Shield offer Medicare services and which are the best to choose.

San Diego Accepts Medicare:

Doctors, Networks, Hospitals and Facilities

You will have very little trouble accessing the doctors you wish to see so long as you select a Supplement Insurance plan to pair with your Original Medicare. Supplement Plans like Plan F and Plan G allow access to nearly any facility here in San Diego. In North County, you'll have access to all the Scripps facilities as well as their affiliated partners. These providers often rely on UCSD's medical center and trained doctors to perform various life saving procedures. These services are all covered by your Supplement Insurance plan. You will be able to visit the networks of doctors you wish with Original Medicare paired with a Supplement Insurance plan.

This means you'll have access to all of the hospitals in San Diego. The following hospitals accept Medicare and provide Medicare Services: Scripps La Jolla Hospitals, UCSD Health-Jacobs Medical Center, Sharp Memorial Hospital, Sharp Grossmont Hospital, Palomar Medical Center in Escondido, Scripps Memorial and Scripps Mercy. Here in San Diego, you will never feel like you are missing out on access to doctors or facilities.

Advantage Plans are more similar to an HMO, and you will have to select a network of doctors instead of having access to all the networks here in San Diego.

Supplement Insurance Plans offer nationwide care

One very unique piece of the Supplement Insurance plans here in San Diego is that you'll have nationwide access to doctors and facilities. This is more than just emergency care. If you select a Supplement Insurance Plan, you'll be able to visit doctors and facilities in any state! This is true nationwide coverage!

Insurance Carriers offering San Diego Coverage

San Diego is a large city with a lot of medical providers and facilities to choose from. There are also a lot of insurance providers to choose from that offer Medicare Supplement and Advantage plans. These insurance carriers include Blue Shield, UnitedHealthcare, Anthem Blue Cross, Humana, Aetna, and Kaiser. Kaiser offers plans that allow you to visit Kaiser doctors only. Blue Shield and UnitedHealthcare have been some of the most successful at offering Medicare here in San Diego due to the trust the have built within our community as well as adjusting to patient needs and offering the best plans.

Blue Shield can easily add dental and vision insurance

Blue Shield is one of HealthyMarks favorite insurance carriers to offer Medicare because of how easy it is to pair the right dental and vision insurance. For just $14 in 2020, a new Medicare applicant can add a robust dental insurance plan on top of their Medicare selection. Blue Shield also offers the ability to add a vision insurance plan through VSP. It is very nice to bundle all your medical, prescription drug coverage, dental, and vision all into one great insurance carrier.

UnitedHealthcare makes Medicare enrollment easy

UnitedHealthcare has built a lot of trust with HealthyMarks because of their ability to make enrollment easy and improve the patient experience. Nothing is more frustrating than finding out you thought you were enrolled but are no longer enrolled because you didn't pay your bill correctly. UnitedHealthcare is excellent at making sure your payment process is easy and exactly how you want it. HealthyMarks also works closely with the UnitedHealthcare team with their appeals process. It is important that every drug is covered correctly and UnitedHealthcare has done an excellent job of responding to doctors drug requests. We love working with UnitedHealthcare Medicare.

UnitedHealthcare has partnered with AARP to offer their plans. You can enroll in an AARP dental plan very comparable to the Blue Shield plans offered. However, these plans require separate billing. I am happy to report that the AARP and UnitedHealthcare relationship has proved beneficial because they both have put the quality care for patients as a first priority.

HealthyMarks has the best San Diego Medicare plan for you with access to your doctors and facilities

We pride ourselves in our ability to find the best plan for you. Depending on what doctors you visit and what services you need, our team is able to pair the correct plan by the correct carrier. Our team is certified to offer any plan in San Diego and we evaluate all the plans before making any decisions. 


If you have a specific insurance carrier that you love and trust, HealthyMarks can pair you with that carrier.

No matter which network of doctors or hospitals you need to visit, HealthyMarks Medicare can help you.

We look forward to helping you with your Medicare process. 

To learn more or for information and assistance with enrollment, visit us at our homepage.

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