The Obamacare Battles of 2019

February 25, 2019

Donald Trump and the Republicans have made efforts to cripple Obamacare over the last few years.  Now that Democrats have taken back some of the power, they are building a plan to stop future attacks and even reverse some of the damage inflicted during Trump's presidency.

Here are the three bills Democrats are proposing to strengthen our current healthcare system:


1) A bill to repeal the Trump administration’s expansion of short-term limited-duration plans


Short term health insurance can be a handy tool if you are in a pinch and need healthcare quickly.  However, it undermines what the ACA is attempting to do.  First, in order to have a healthy system we need as many individuals with ACA health insurance as possible to keep our pool of healthy people large.  Also, short-term limited-duration health insurance is not required to comply with the ACA’s requirements around preexisting conditions or essential health benefits.  The Democratic bill would repeal the short-term insurance regulations, blocking them from going into effect.


2) A bill to block the Trump administration’s recent decision to relax regulations for plans sold on the ACA’s insurance marketplaces


The Trump administration relaxed regulations regarding how funding can be used in each state.  One provision would allow customers to use the law’s generous tax subsidies to pay for those short-term insurance plans.  The Democratic bill would likewise block the Trump administration’s guidance from taking effect and prevent any similar changes from being implemented in the future.


3) A bill to increase funding for Obamacare enrollment and outreach efforts, which have been cut by the Trump administration


When Trump cut advertising funds for Obamacare from $100 million to $10 million, I was certain enrollment would drop drastically.  It was impressive to see how little change there was in enrollment even though funding was cut in an effort to deter sign ups.  The Democratic bill would require the administration to perform enrollment and outreach activities and provide $100 million annually for those efforts.



A huge thank you to Vox for a very in depth article on the subject:

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