Kaiser provides $1 million to build housing and support services for Oakland Homeless

January 30, 2020

Kaiser has offered $1 million to provide housing and social services to a group of homeless in Oakland California.  Although the donation of $1 million is a huge number, it will only support a small community of about 50 homeless.  This just goes to show you that we need more businesses and more government services helping these people in need.


Kaiser has partnered with Operation Dignity and the city of Oakland to support the local homeless community.  The homeless in Oakland has increased dramatically the past 3 years. Kaiser feels helping this set of people is of major importance because there are not a lot of organizations that can help such a large number of homeless.


Dr. Bechara Choucair, Kaiser’s chief community health officer says, “Housing and health are so interconnected. You can't expect someone to have a stable life without a roof over their head."


Kaiser is also supporting CA Governor Gavin Newsom's efforts to help pay rent for those who cannot afford it.  Thank you Kaiser for doing your part and I hope other companies will follow in your footsteps.


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