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Always stay up to date on how Trump tends to change healthcare market.  

Here's the latest:

May 4th - Trump and the Republicans GET their votes to pass The American Health Care Act through the House.

This bill still has a long way to go before it becomes law, but Donald Trump has made his first major step towards repealing and replacing "the failing Obamacare".  It is still too early to tell how this will affect healthcare going forward, but Republicans are playing along in an attempt to make sweeping changes to our current system.  Keep an eye out for updates as this bill gets adjusted in Congress.

March 24 - Trump and the Republicans fail to get enough votes for The American Health Care Act

It looks like we are going to continue providing health insurance under the ACA.  Paul Ryan's plan was not well received because it took too many benefits away from the poor and offered more tax benefits for the rich.

Although it looks like a crushing defeat for Trump, the Republicans do not plan to let the healthcare system go untouched in 2017.  Trump has less than 6 months to make sweeping changes, or else he will leave too much to chance when the democrats try to take back more seats in Congress.  Expect to see more from Trump attempting to replace the ACA before the year is over.

March 10th:    Trump's team releases "Repeal and Replace" Plan

Senator Paul Ryan is the driving force behind the American Health Care Act which has been dubbed "Obamacare Light" because it keeps most of the ACA in place, but redistributes subsidies as tax credits to all citizens based on age.  

1 - Popular Obamacare provisions are staying  

      Children can stay on their parents plans until they are 26.

      Insurers cannot deny coverage for pre-existing conditions.


2 - Current Federal Medicaid funding is frozen

      States will be responsible for setting up their own programs.


3 - The IRS tax penalty for not having health insurance is gone


4 - Age based Tax Credits instead of income based subsidies.


This final change will make it more difficult for lower income families to afford insurance.  It is assumed that many people will choose not to purchase health insurance because they cannot afford it.

February 15th:    Trump's first Obamacare Regulations  

The Trump administration released its first Obamacare regulations as a small tweak to the current system.  Trump still promises to reveal his repeal plan in the next few weeks.


1) The regulation requires more documentation for “special enrollment periods”

2) The regulation shortens the open enrollment period to 45 days, down from 90.


3) It adjusts how plan values are calculated in way to reduce subsidies

January 26th:    Sen. Rand Paul's best plan to replace Obamacare.  


He thinks healthy people should group together to get their own, cheaper insurance. The sick would be in trouble because they have to pay more to get healthcare and insurance.

Vox did a great article on his plan.

January 22nd:    Trump's First Night - An Executive Order to Undermine Obamacare


Trump's executive order is more of a message.  Trump tells the industry they are welcome to "waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay the implementation" of provisions deemed to impose fiscal burdens on states, companies or individuals."  It is very vague, and may have no impact.

Reuters thinks this may mean Trump wont enforce the individual marketplace.

Vox created a great video explaining why Trump and the republicans are struggling to create a good replacement for Obamacare.  


There aren't any easy tradeoffs.

Any changes affect people.

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