Donald Trump has shown his cards...

and we now know how he will change healthcare

Donald Trump and Company at the White House have just sent a clear message as to what they intend to do for the healthcare market.  Although their first American Health Care Act did not pass Congress to become a bill, it indicates how the Republicans intend to disrupt the current exchange.

It looks like we are going to continue providing health insurance under the ACA.  Paul Ryan's plan was not well received because it took too many benefits away from the poor and offered more tax benefits for the rich.

Although it looks like a crushing defeat for Trump, the Republicans do not plan to let the healthcare system go untouched in 2017.  Trump has less than 6 months to make sweeping changes, or else he will leave too much to chance when the democrats try to take back more seats in Congress.  Expect to see more from Trump attempting to replace the ACA before the year is over.

This has a huge impact on how you should approach your health insurance this year.  Without any resistance, Trump can defund the ACA individual marketplace in an attempt to dissuade Americans from signing up.  He intends to bring more power back to small business health insurance plans, which already offer better benefits at a better price.  

Does this mean your current company strategy for insurance is no longer stable?  

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