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HealthyMarks was originally founded in 2016 as a health insurance brokerage for businesses here in San Diego.

For the first several years, servicing businesses and their employees was all that HealthyMarks did. Our goal was to educate employees on their insurance options and help employers care for their employees. To this day, HealthyMarks for Business is still core to our mission statement.

HealthyMarks Medicare was founded out of necessity. The company’s we worked with had employees approaching their 65th birthday. Helping those employees evaluate their new options and sign up for Medicare was the best next step for HealthyMarks. Now our team is able to help individuals, companies, and 65 year olds enrolling in Medicare.

We pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable team for any subject about San Diego health insurance.

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Your business would absolutely benefit from working with HealthyMarks. It is always valuable to have an intelligent group of health insurance professionals take a second look at your current strategy.

Your employees evaluating Medicare will also benefit from working with us. Employees often feel they don’t have resources they can rely on to make an educated decision on their insurance. Give us a call today and we’d be happy to help your employees.

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Robin is both a HealthyMarks Medicare client and works with HealthyMarks for Business.

Robin A. – Employer Customer Testimonial

“Keaton and Alexa from HealthyMarks have been such a great resource for me over the years. For at least 5 years now Keaton has been helping me with my company’s health insurance. He helps the employees understand their options and helps them enroll. He has also helped multiple employees move from our company insurance over to a new Medicare plan. Now it is my turn! I am very appreciative to have Keaton and Alexa walk me through each step. Thank you.”

Top 4 Reasons to Select HealthyMarks for your Group Health Insurance Company

1. Health Insurance Broker for all your medical needs

HealthyMarks is a business full of experts. We are experts in health insurance, Dental Insurance, Medicare, San Diego healthcare, and so much more. Our team of professionals is here to help you with any medical needs you may run into.

2. HealthyMarks saves businesses money by enrolling employees in Medicare

OIder employees are a large expense for companies offering health insurance benefits. The older we get the more expensive health insurance becomes. HealthyMarks can save your business a lot of money each month by helping employees sign up for Medicare. Employees save money with a better plan. Employers save money by reducing the employees they insure. Best of all, this is a win-win for everyone

3. Advanced solutions for human resources

HealthyMarks for Business has a lot of affiliated partners that our company’s rely on. Although HealthyMarks doesn’t do everything HR related, we do have an answer for anything HR related. We have solutions for accounting, payroll, company handbooks, compliance, and so much more.

4. HealthyMarks focuses on educating employees

Employees need a new approach to enrolling in benefits. Employees need more help than a broker telling them “PPOs are the best plan.” Do you know the difference between a Co-Pay and a Co-Insurance? It is our job at HealthyMarks to educate everyone so we know what our insurance covers and what it doesn’t cover. The HealthyMarks team focuses on educating employees on the differences of each plan.

Understanding Group Health Insurance Plans

Group health insurance is a policy that covers a group of people, usually employees of a company. The premiums are shared among the employees and the employer, which can help to make the coverage more affordable. In California, group health insurance plans are subject to state and federal regulations, which can vary depending on the size of the company and the type of plan offered.

What Is a Group Health Insurance Plan For?

A group health insurance plan is a type of policy that offers coverage to a collective of members, typically composed of employees of a company or members of an organization. Since the insurer’s risk is distributed across a group of policyholders, group health insurance members generally receive coverage at a lower cost than individual policyholders.

Benefits of a Group Health Insurance Plan for your Business

A key benefit of a group health insurance plan is that it distributes risk among a larger pool of insured individuals. This results in lower premiums for group members, while also allowing insurers to have a more accurate understanding of the population they are covering. Health maintenance organizations (HMOs) further enhance an insurer’s ability to manage costs, as providers are contracted to deliver care to members within a predetermined network.

Should my employees switch to Medicare when they are eligible?

Medicare is an amazing health insurance option. There is a very good chance an employee turning 65 years old will find a better priced plan with better benefits through Medicare compared to their employer insurance options. However, there are many factors to consider. I absolutely encourage your employees to evaluate their options.

Do you work for a company with less than 20 employee?  Are you a high income earner?  Do you have dependent family members that need coverage?  All of these factors can have an impact on an employees decision when they approach their 65th birthday.

Group Health Insurance Blog Articles

Visit our blog for the factors that impact a decision for employees considering between their group insurance and Medicare, IRMAA for high income earners, how to avoid paying extra for Medicare. We also hope you will learn more about HealthyMarks for Business and the services we provide by reading this testimonial from a San Diego Business HR Consultant.

Should I Switch to Medicare or Stay on My Employer’s Insurance?

Should I Switch to Medicare or Stay on My Employer’s Insurance?

Are you unsure whether or not you’d be better off on Medicare or your Employer Insurance?  Reach out to HealthyMarks for one of our free services: Plan Evaluation Comparisons. If you are not sure whether your plan is better or worse than offered through Medicare, our team can help with an objective approach to plan evaluations.

HealthyMarks for Business is Offering Plan Evaluation Comparisons

Want help deciding between your group insurance and Medicare? 

HealthyMarks for Business has knowledge about large group and small group insurance plans in San Diego. HealthyMarks Medicare knows everything there is to know about Medicare in San Diego. This ensures we are the best team of professionals to help you make this decision! Working with a broker like HealthyMarks is a good idea to help you during this process. Our team can help you avoid any penalties and we can help you evaluate all your medical options for both you and your family.

About Our Health Insurance Team

Keaton Marks

Owner | Lead Broker | License # 0L47187

Keaton Marks is the owner and CEO of HealthyMarks for Business. Keaton Marks was born and raised in San Diego, is a beach volleyball fanatic, and loves his job offering Insurance Solutions.

Keaton believes one thing above all else:​

“Insurance is confusing… but it doesn’t have to be!”

Alexa Marks

Medicare Team Leader | License # 0L48300

Alexa Marks is your main point of contact at HealthyMarks Medicare and will likely be your best resource when any Medicare questions come up. Her expertise in the Medicare process makes her an unbelievable resource for our offices.

Alexa believes one thing above all else:

“If I explain it, you’ll know Medicare better than your peers!”

We Also Specialize in Medicare Options

 There are a lot of providers to choose from that offer Medicare Supplement and Advantage plans. HealthyMarks will find the best San Diego Medicare insurance for you with access to doctors and facilities you prefer. Learn more about each of the plans on our website and contact us to get started in your enrollment process.

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