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Enroll in Original Medicare Parts A and B

Original Medicare has two elements called Part A and Part B. This will cover hospital stays, doctor visits and inpatient or outpatient care. Part A is considered "entitled" while the standard monthly premium for Medicare Part B will be $144.60 for 2020, up $9.10 from $135.50 in 2019.

This alone will not cover all your healthcare costs. You’ll still pay for a lot of your medical bills out of your own pocket. Plus Parts A and B won’t cover your prescription drugs. You’ll want to pair your Original Medicare with Medicare Supplement Insurance and a Part D Prescription Drug Plan, or a Medicare Advantage Plan.

You are able to enroll in Original Medicare 3 months prior your 65th birthday. The easiest way is to visit

If you would like some assistance please give us a call and you can enroll with an Original Medicare specialist from HealthyMarks.

Evaluate Medicare Advantage Plans

If you wish to cover the costs Original Medicare doesn't cover, you can select a Medicare Advantage Plan. Health insurance providers get creative by bundling additional health insurance coverage, prescription drug coverage, as well as hearing and vision insurance into one plan.

Medicare Advantage Plans are different from Medicare Supplement Insurance because you will select a network of doctors. Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance provides access to nearly every doctor in the United States. Here in San Diego, you'd select a Medicare Advantage Plan with a network like Scripps, Kaiser, or Sharp.

Similar to how some of your Original Medicare costs will be covered by the government, your Medicare Advantage Plan will also be inexpensive for you the insured. Here in San Diego, our HealthyMarks team offers great plans well under $50 and some more robust plans for under $200.

Join a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan

Medicare Supplement Insurance has a few names including "Medigap" Insurance or a "Supplemental" plan. These plans to cover the costs or "gaps" and will "supplement" your Original Medicare benefits.

A Medicare Supplement Plan is often the most popular solution because almost every doctor in San Diego and nationwide will accept these plans. Medicare Supplement Insurance does not cover costs for prescription drugs. You'll need to select a Part D Prescription Drug Plans to pair with your Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Prior to 2020, the most popular Medicare Supplement Insurance in San Diego has been Plan F. However, if you are not eligible for Medicare before 2020, Plan F is no longer available to you. One of the better San Diego plans for 2020 is Plan N and will cost a newly eligible 65 year old $111.68 per month.

Find a Part D Prescription Drug Plan

Since Original Medicare Parts A and B will not cover your prescription drugs costs, it is common to pair Medicare Supplement Insurance with a Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

There are multiple drug plans to choose from with some covering more expensive drugs while others only cover generic drugs. Our Medicare team at HealthyMarks is able to take your list of prescriptions and estimate your yearly prescription costs to help you enroll in the Part D Prescription Drug plan that matches your needs.

The perfect trio of Medicare Insurance: Original Medicare, a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan, and a Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

San Diego Medicare Office

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Frequently Asked Medicare Questions

How do I get my medicare number?

You can get your medicare number and start the medicare process at

Should I switch to Medicare if I have insurance elsewhere?

Yes! By switching to Medicare you will save a lot of money and receive a better plan.

Whether you are getting health insurance from your employer or even if your spouse is covered too, you should switch.

Click here to learn about your unique situation and whether it is best for you to switch to Medicare.

When am I eligible for medicare?

You can begin the Medicare enrollment process the 1st day of the month 3 months prior to your 65th birthday.

Your application will be effective the 1st day on the month of your 65th birthday.

Are my prescription drugs covered under medicare?

Prescription drugs are not covered by Original Medicare. You'll want to cover your prescription drug costs with a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

Who can help me enroll in a medicare plan?

The HealthyMarks Medicare team can help you during any part of Medicare process. Our team can help with a free evaluation of your San Diego Medicare options including Original Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance, and Medicare Advantage Plans

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