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Get the best benefits when you enroll in Medicare with a HealthyMarks Specialist. Reach out for support in enrollment and for our long term assistance after. Our licensed insurance agents help at no cost to you!

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Why Work With our Local San Diego Brokerage?

We have met with too many people who wish to switch Medicare plans but cannot because they failed to enroll in the right plan during their Initial Enrollment Period.

It’s vital you consult someone, with expertise and knowledge about your neighborhood, so you can be paired with the right plan, the first time!


Knowledge about San Diego Doctors and Hospitals

We are experts on the San Diego Medicare plans offered by all carriers as well as the hospitals and doctors that accept Medicare. You can be confident we will show you all of your options and help you select the best one based on your needs.


Meeting Face to Face or Over the Phone

We really enjoy meeting face to face with our new clients, something our competition rarely does. It is important that we start a true relationship and getting to know each other is a powerful tool. In person meetings can eliminate a lot of confusion created by a complex enrollment process. 


Our Team is Happy to Help, Even After Enrollment

When you are happy and enrolled with your new plan, HealthyMarks is still there to help you. Our relationship doesn’t stop simply because you have your plan; we want to be a resource for you forever. What happens if you cannot get a prescription drug covered? What happens if you receive a bill that doesn’t make sense to you? Give us a call!

Insurance carriers pay brokers like us to help you enroll in your Medicare plans.

So you can enroll with a professional free of charge!

HealthyMarks Insurance Services are Free To You


“I do not recommend attempting to understand Medicare on your own. Instead, call us and let our professionalism show you how we can help you. Our team is well educated in Medicare offerings in San Diego, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, and San Francisco. Call us anytime at (760) 484-0979.”

Keaton Marks | Owner and CEO at HealthyMarks

Popular Medicare Plan Providers / Carriers in San Diego

Use these pages to explore your San Diego Supplement Insurance and Advantage Plans.

Blue Shield

Blue Shield offers Supplement Plans with “extra” benefits like SilverSneakers and hearing aids. Blue Shield is a nationally recognized insurance provider with a wonderful reputation.


Prior to 2024, SCAN Advantage plans were the best option with access to Scripps doctors. However, Scripps no longer accepts ANY Medicare Advantage plans. SCAN does offer access to other doctor networks.


Anthem offers Advantage plans and Supplement Insurance plans with the well loved gym membership SilverSneakers. For those who qualify, Anthem still offers the popular but retired Plan F.


Kaiser's Medicare offering showcases the numerous facilities all throughout California. The Kaiser Medicare Advantage HMO offers access to Kaiser facilities and the participating providers.


UnitedHealthcare® offers Medicare services including Supplement Insurance and Advantage Plans with access to multiple San Diego doctor networks and hospitals. HealthyMarks Medicare has the ability to offer these plans 


Sharp HealthCare is one of the major medical providers here in San Diego. Sharp has made it their focus to offer quality healthcare at an affordable price for the community of downtown San Diego.

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Navigating Medicare Enrollment: Tips to Avoid Late Penalties

Navigating Medicare Enrollment: Tips to Avoid Late Penalties

Understanding the enrollment deadlines and penalties associated with Medicare Parts A, B, and D is essential for safeguarding your health coverage and financial well-being. We’ve discussed how delaying enrollment can result in increased premiums and gaps in coverage.

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Get the best benefits when you enroll in Medicare with a HealthyMarks Specialist. Reach out for support in enrollment and for our long term assistance after.