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Business Health Insurance and Medicare Solutions

Make tough decisions easier

Healthcare can be confusing!  But offering benefits to your employees is important and now you have more options than ever.  We make sure your insurance decisions as an employer and employee are simple and complete.

Take advantage of the changing industry

Because health insurance has become so expensive, the industry has changed drastically!  Learn about the great benefits and lower costs of the HMO and EPO plans that are becoming more and more popular.

San Diego

HealthyMarks headquarters are located in North County San Diego.  Our team of health insurance experts have helped California businesses exceed their insurance expectations.

We pride ourselves in our work and making sure our customers are happy.

Our team calls Cardiff by the Sea our home.  This adorable beach town has incredible charm and history.  It is a great location to serve the entirety of Southern California.  It also reminds us to enjoy our work every day.

San Diego Office

111 Chesterfield Drive #123B

Cardiff, CA 92007

Santa Cruz 

Santa Cruz has more options now that Kaiser and Sutter Health are offering their services in town.


Employers can offer both HMOs and PPOs alongside one another and employees can pay for what they want.


Monterey is one of only a handful of remaining towns offering only PPO plans.  Furthermore, it ranks in the top 5% most costly cities to purchase health insurance.

HealthyMarks demonstrates unique ways to save money that other brokers are not offering.

Orange County

Small businesses strive to keep quality talent by offering employees valuable health insurance benefits. HealthyMarks welcomes the newest team to service our customers in Orange County to help businesses meet this goal.

See the most popular insurance packages.

Medicare Services

You are not alone when it comes to your medicare decisions

  • HealthyMarks helps explain your medicare options 

  • Evaluate Supplemental and Advantage Plans

  • Enroll with one of our medicare specialists

Learn more about our medicare services here

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