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Popular Medicare Plan Providers / Carriers in San Diego

Use these pages to explore your San Diego Supplement Insurance and Advantage Plans.

Blue Shield

Blue Shield offers Supplement Plans with “extra” benefits like SilverSneakers and hearing aids. You’ll also have the opportunity to pair it with Blue Shield dental and vision insurance.


SCAN Advantage plans offer access to Scripps doctors and hospitals at lower premiums and lower out of pocket costs compared to Supplement Insurance. These Advantage plans also bundle extra benefits.


Anthem offers Supplement Insurance plans with add-ons like SilverSneakers, dental and vision insurance. For those who qualify, Anthem still offers the popular but retired Plan F.


Kaiser’s Medicare Advantage HMO offers access to Kaiser facilities, plus Part D prescription drug coverage, and additional benefits, such as vision, dental, and hearing.

UnitedHealthcare / Sharp

UnitedHealthcare™ has partnered to offer the largest number of Supplement Insurance and Advantage Plans with access to Sharp Hospitals and Scripps Hospitals.


Humana offers multiple Supplement Insurance and Part D plans. Most interesting, Humana offers an Advantage HMO partnered with UCSD’s medical team.

VIDEO: Original Medicare vs Supplement Insurance vs Advantage Plans

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What is the difference between Original Medicare Supplement Medicare, and an Advantage Medicare plan? These 3 types of plans are the outline for your Medicare Health Insurance so let’s take a look.

Original Medicare. Also called Part A and Part B. This covers hospital stays, doctor visits and inpatient or outpatient care. This won’t cover all your costs if you need care. You’ll pay for a lot of it out of your own pocket. Plus A+B won’t cover your prescription drugs. so you’ll want to pair your Original Medicare with a Supplement plan or an Advantage plan.

Option 1 is enrolling in a Medicare Supplement Plan… these are often the most popular plans because almost all doctors accept these plans and you’ll have very few out-of-pocket costs. You’ll now have coverage for all of your out of pocket costs for doctor visits and hospital stays that were not covered by Original Medicare.

Supplement plans unfortunately do not cover prescription drugs. You’ll need to select a prescription drug plan to pair with your supplemental plan. So you have Original Medicare paired with Supplement plan that covers your out of pocket costs. You also have a Part D Prescription drug plan to cover your drug costs.

If you don’t want a Supplement plan you can choose a Medicare Advantage Plan. health insurance providers attempt to get creative by bundling their additional health coverage not covered by original Medicare, prescription drug coverage, hearing and vision coverage into one plan. This Advantage plan will also cover your out of pocket costs not covered by Original Medicare. However, you will have less access to doctors than with a Supplement plan.

When you turn 65, I suggest you evaluate whether you want a Supplement plan and a Part D plan or if you want the Advantage plan that covers both.

Start with the Original Medicare Plan

You can start the enrollment process more than 90 days before you turn 65 years old. We recommend enrolling in Original Medicare as soon as you are eligible.

Here is an overview of how the different Medicare plans are connected, so you can get maximum coverage from your Medicare plan. At any time, you can contact us for Medicare plan enrollment support.


What Are San Diego Original Medicare Plans Parts A + B?

Understanding your services and what will be covered with your Medicare Plan is essential to understanding your benefits and making a smart decision about your new health insurance Medicare plan here in San Diego.

For this reason let’s take a look at Original Medicare, how to enroll, and why pairing it with Supplement Insurance or an Advantage Plan will make sure your Medicare package is complete.

  • Part A is most commonly paired with Part B to complete Original Medicare.
  • Part A covers hospital stays and inpatient care.
  • Part B covers doctor visits and outpatient care.
  • Part A is considered “entitled” while the standard monthly premium for Medicare Part B will be $170.10 for 2022.

Read on to see all the details of San Diego Medicare plans. It is important you understand how Original Medicare and Supplement or Advantage plans work together. 

Our services are free! Insurance carriers agree that brokers like us offer valuable tools during enrollment. They offer commissions when we help you enroll in your new Medicare plan. Give us a call today and get free support from our licensed insurance agents – (760) 484-0979

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What Are Medicare Supplement Insurance and Advantage Plans For?

Supplement Insurance and Medicare Advantage Plans are built to cover the gaps in your Original Medicare.

For example if you enroll in Part A and Part B of Original Medicare, you will have access to doctors and they will provide you with services but you will have a very large deductible. The Part A deductible is $1,556 in 2022. This Part A deductible is a very large gap in your insurance coverage.  If you go ahead and pair your Original Medicare with a Supplement Insurance plan or an Advantage Plan you will be able to reduce that deductible to only a few hundred dollars. The Supplement Plan G and Plan N reduce your deductible to just a couple hundred dollars.

Original Medicare should always be paired with Supplement Insurance or an Advantage Plan!

Original Medicare is a great program but alone will not cover all your healthcare costs. You’ll still pay for a lot of your medical bills out of your own pocket. Furthermore, neither Parts A nor B cover the costs for prescription drugs. You’ll want to pair your Original Medicare with Medicare Supplement Insurance and a Part D Prescription Drug Plan, or a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Supplement Insurance and Advantage Plans are both extremely beneficial while also relatively cheap for the insured. I highly recommend evaluating both of these plans and identifying which is best for you. I do not recommend signing up for Part A and Part B Original Medicare without a Supplement Plan or an Advantage Plan.


You have two main options after signing up for Original Medicare:

Supplement Insurance Plans

Why Join Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans?

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan Overview

Medicare Supplement Insurance has a few names including “Medigap” Insurance or a “Supplemental” plan. These plans to cover the costs or “gaps” and will “supplement” your Original Medicare benefits.

​A Medicare Supplement Plan is often the most popular solution because almost every doctor in San Diego and nationwide will accept these plans. Medicare Supplement Insurance does not cover costs for prescription drugs. You’ll need to select a Part D Prescription Drug Plans to pair with your Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Prior to 2020, the most popular Medicare Supplement Insurance in San Diego has been Plan F. However, if you are not eligible for Medicare before 2020, Plan F is no longer available to you. The best San Diego Supplement plan is Plan N.


Add Part D Prescription Drug Plan to Medicare Supplement Insurance

Since Original Medicare Parts A and B will not cover your prescription drugs costs, it is common to pair Medicare Supplement Insurance with a Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

There are multiple drug plans to choose from, with some covering more expensive drugs, while others only cover generic drugs. Our Medicare team at HealthyMarks is able to take your list of prescriptions and estimate your yearly prescription costs to help you enroll in the Part D Prescription Drug plan that matches your needs.

The perfect trio of Medicare Insurance: Original Medicare, a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan, and a Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

Advantage Insurance Plans

Why Join Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Advantage Plans Overview

If you wish to cover the costs Original Medicare doesn’t cover, you can select a Medicare Advantage Plan. Health insurance providers get creative by bundling additional health insurance coverage, prescription drug coverage, as well as hearing and vision insurance into one plan.

​Medicare Advantage Plans are different from Medicare Supplement Insurance because you will select a network of doctors. Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance provides access to nearly every doctor in the United States. Here in San Diego, you’d select a Medicare Advantage Plan with a network like Scripps, Kaiser, or Sharp.

Similar to how some of your Original Medicare costs will be covered by the government, your Medicare Advantage Plan will also be inexpensive for you the insured. Here in San Diego, our HealthyMarks team offers great plans well under $50 and some more robust plans for under $200.

Selecting Medicare Plans – Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. How do I get my Medicare Number?

    After you enroll in Original Medicare, you'll receive your Medicare number in the mail.  This can take up to 3 weeks for the Social Security Office to process your application and send you your Medicare number.  Enroll in Original Medicare here: https://www.ssa.gov/benefits/medicare/

  • 2. Should I enroll in Medicare by myself or with the help of a broker?

    You should enroll with a Medicare broker like HealthyMarks. There are no drawbacks to working with a broker. The services offered by our team are free to you because insurance companies have agreed that our services are worth it to them. Our goal is to ensure you enroll in the best plan for you.

  • 3. Should I stick with my Large Group Employer health insurance policy or switch to Medicare?

    For companies larger than 100 employees, health insurance policies are no longer age based. The group takes the entire age of the company, averages it out, and provides the same rate for all employees no matter their age.

    Even though you at age 65 will get a better deal than someone at age 30, these group health insurance plans still do not match the price or quality of care you can receive from a 2020 Medicare Supplement plan.

    For example. I have a family member approaching her 65th birthday. She has awesome insurance through her employer Nordstrom. Her company pays half the monthly plan costs meaning she only pays $230 a month. This is extremely inexpensive considering a similar plan on the age based market would cost $800 or more.

    Here is the kicker. The plan is not as good as a Supplement Plan from Medicare. Currently, her deductible through work is $2500. A great Supplement plan like Plan N or Plan G has a deductible of $198. All in with Original Medicare and the Supplement Plan N here in San Diego, she's looking at $256.28 a month and a much better plan with almost no deductible. So for a few extra dollars a month, she can reduce her $2500 deductible to $198, have a more robust and encompassing plan, and visit any network of doctors and hospitals in San Diego.

    In short, Medicare will likely be the better option. You should evaluate both and select the better insurance plan.

  • 4. What are the major parts of Medicare?

    Original Medicare Parts A + B are the basic start to Medicare. To cover more of your medical expenses, you’ll want to pair your Original Medicare with a Supplement Plan or an Advantage Plan. Medicare Part D is to cover prescription drugs.

  • 5. Should I still switch if my awesome health insurance is better than what's available through Medicare?

    Every once in a while I will come across an employee who does have awesome health insurance coverage, even better than what's available through Medicare. This means they are paying less than $300 a month in premiums, they have a deductible less than $200, and they are able to see the doctors they want to see. This is rare but amazing.

    Our Medicare Office Team is the best at evaluating your current plan and whether or not it is better for you to switch or stay. If you are enrolled in a plan better than what is offered through Medicare, you will want to know if you are subject to any late enrollment penalties. If you do not enroll in Original Medicare at the age of 65, you may end up paying more for it in the future due to late enrollment fees. However, you can avoid all penalties if you are receiving your health insurance from your employer. Our team is great at helping you avoid those penalties so you can stay with your awesome insurance.

    In these cases I like to discuss the process of moving to Medicare WHEN the right time comes. Our team is able to make sure you do not incur any penalties by not enrolling in Medicare. We'd love to help you evaluate your plan options and navigate the enrollment process.

  • 6. Are my prescription drugs covered under Medicare?

    Prescription drugs are not covered by Original Medicare. You'll want to cover your prescription drug costs with a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

  • 7. Should I still switch to Medicare even if my family is covered by my insurance plan?

    Yes! The savings you receive by switching to medicare is significant. So significant that it is still worth the switch to Medicare even if your family is covered by your current plan. Pairing your entire family into a single health insurance plan offers a handful of benefits. You'll all share a "family deductible" which can help save some out of pocket costs during an unhealthy year. However, pairing your entire family into a single plan does not save you money on monthly premiums.

    The best thing to do is enroll yourself in a medicare plan and enroll your family members in their own plan. You'll save money each month with your new, less expensive, Medicare plan and your family will be able to continue coverage through their individual plan.

    One scenario that may be difficult to evaluate is when you are eligible for Medicare but your employer is covering the costs for both your family members premiums and your own premiums. Our HealthyMarks team is excellent at evaluating these two options and figuring out the best course of action for you. We can calculate how much money you would save by switching to Medicare and how much money are you sacrificing by giving up your employer's contribution towards your dependent's plans. If you employer contributes a lot, you'll likely want to stay with that employers plan cause they are spoiling you and your family. In a majority of cases, employers only offer a small amount of money to cover dependents plan costs. In fact most businesses do not cover dependents at all because they are not required to.

    It is a very easy process to enroll your family members on a great individual plan. Our health insurance team is able to help you move to Medicare and move your family to an individual plan.

    Give us a call today so we can share with you the best path forward so you can save hundreds of dollars each month by moving to a San Diego Medicare plan.

  • 8. Do Advantage plans cover prescription drugs?

    Yes. If you enroll in an Advantage plan you are bundling all of your medical services including prescription drugs.

  • 9. Should I stick with my group health insurance policy or should I switch to Medicare?

    Perhaps you are not enrolled in a plan through the individual exchange but instead you are enrolled with a plan through your company. Similar to individual plans, group health insurance policies for businesses with 100 employees or fewer are also age based. When you approach your 65th birthday your group health insurance policy plan will be very expensive.

    The major difference between an individual policy and one through your company is that your employer is required to contribute some money to cover your monthly costs. By law, your company is required to pay for 50% of your health insurance premiums each month. Even after calculating the costs, 50% of a plan through your employer is more expensive than 100% of a medicare plan.​

    It is also nice to keep in mind how much money you can help your company save when you switch to Medicare. Employers are excited to help employees move to Medicare because they appreciate not paying so much each month for your insurance.

    I personally sell group health insurance policies here in San Diego and I can confidently say that a plan through Medicare, with either a supplement plan or an advantage plan, is going to be better than what you are receiving from your business.​

    However, some companies are extremely generous with their health insurance offering and it can make it difficult to switch over to Medicare. For example, I work with a company in Carlsbad that pays 100% of the employees health insurance costs and 80% of the family's costs. This is an unbelievably generous offer. Even in this scenario, it was worth it to evaluate the newly 65 year old's Medicare options. Both the employer and employee agreed that moving to Medicare was best.

  • 10. Do Supplement plans cover prescription drugs?

    No. You will want to pair your Supplement plan with a Part D prescription drug plan.

  • 11. Should I stick with my current Individual Health Insurance policy or switch to Medicare?

    You can get individual health insurance plans from the California Health Exchange called Covered California. You can also get an individual plan if you contact the insurance carrier directly and sign up with them. However, these plans are very expensive and get more expensive as you get older. The plans monthly premiums are age based meaning the older you get the more expensive they are.

    For example, let's assume you want access to Scripps Doctors in North County. The best option on the individual market for a 64 year old is to select the Silver HMO Trio plan from Blue Shield. This plan premium is $931.84 per month! With this plan you have a $4000 deductible!

    Now let's compare that to Original Medicare with a Supplement plan N here in San Diego. For most people, Original Medicare Parts A + B PLUS a Supplement plan will be less than $300 a month in premium and you'll have a very low deductible. Clearly, you'll want to switch to medicare from your Individual plan.

    Although the individual health insurance market has some solid silver and gold plans that will help you in your time of need, there is no question in my mind that not a single plan on the individual health experience exchange through Covered California is close to the benefits that you will receive from a Medicare Plan.

  • 12. What’s the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

    Medicare is a federal government-sponsored healthcare program for those 65 and over, and for younger people who are disabled. Medicaid is a healthcare program for low-income individuals who could not otherwise afford health insurance.

  • 13. Should I switch to Medicare or Should I stay with the insurance I currently have in San Diego?

    Medicare is an incredible health insurance offering that you should absolutely take advantage of.

    It is our recommendation that you switch to Medicare as soon as you turn 65 years old. As a United States citizen you have been contributing money towards your Medicare policy for your entire working life. Now is your chance to take advantage of this government-sponsored Medicare health insurance plan. The plan premiums, deductibles, and out of pocket costs are all going to be a much better deal for you the consumer when you switch to Medicare. There are almost no examples of a non-Medicare plan that is better than the San Diego Medicare offerings.

    Medicare is fantastic. It is much better than all of the other San Diego health insurance offering you have. So let's take a look at your current situation and why it is going to be better for you to switch to Medicare.

  • 14. Should I switch to Medicare if I have insurance elsewhere?

    Yes. By switching to Medicare you will likely save a lot of money and receive a better plan.

    Whether you are getting health insurance from your employer or even if your spouse is covered too, HealthyMarks would be happy to help you evaluate your options.

  • 15. What doctors will accept Medicare?

    With Original Medicare and a Supplement Plan, you'll have access to just about any doctor you want to visit.  With an Advantage Plan, you'll have a network of doctors that you are required to stay within.

  • 1. Why Do I need a Supplement or Advantage Plan when I sign up for Original Medicare?

    Original Medicare is an awesome product however it does not cover all of the costs associated with your health care. As you get older it's important to make sure that you are going to be completely covered for any of your medical needs. A Supplement Plan or an Advantage Plan will make sure that the costs out of your own pocket stay small anytime you need to go to the doctor. The best thing about a Medicare Advantage or a Medicare Supplement Plan is how little you need to pay out of pocket for your services.

    Although you do not need to sign up for a Supplement or an Advantage Plan I highly recommend it. Especially here in San Diego Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans are going to be extremely beneficial help you see the doctors that you want to see at the coverage that you want and you will pay very little out of your own pocket.

  • 2. How Do I Choose between a Supplement plan and an Advantage Plan?

    Both Supplement Plans and Advantage Plans will serve your needs. However we can identify which plan is better for you by laying out the specific needs you may have. The first thing is that a Supplement Plan will provide you access to any doctor throughout the United States whereas an Advantage Plan will make you sign up for a San Diego network of doctors. You can think of a Supplement Plan as a really robust PPO plan with access to every doctor in America for an in-network cost. You can think of an Advantage Plan as having an HMO network of doctors that you need to stay within to make sure your care is handled a proper out of pocket cost for you.

    Supplement Plans are a bit more expensive because of that robust network of doctors and because most of your out of pocket costs will be covered immediately after a small deductible. Advantage Plans are usually a lot less expensive each month in premiums compared to Supplement Plans. Advantage Plans allow the carriers to get creative to offer unique solutions to their services so they can better serve you and save money. Those savings by the insurance carrier are passed along as monthly premium savings to you the insured. Sometimes these plans can be as inexpensive as only a few dollars a month. Advantage Plans are also unique because they can bundle dental and vision services as well as your prescription drug services into one plan offered by one insurance carrier. An Advantage Plan offers a one stop shop for all of your medical needs for only a few dollars a month.

    If you want access to all the San Diego doctors and doctors throughout the United States, you want that strong PPO in network plan. You should select the Supplement Plan and be confident because all of your costs will be covered. You will have no problem finding doctors who will accept your plan and you can always feel confident that you will have the best health insurance available to you.

    If you are interested in bundling all your prescription drugs needs, your medical needs, as well as dental and vision insurance, Advantage Plans can do this for you. When you select your Advantage Plan, make sure you can visit the doctors that you want to see for in network costs.

    Note that Blue Shield has been offering Supplement Plans alongside Part D Prescription Drug Plans that can be paired with a Blue Shield Dental and Vision VSP Plan. So if you want the power of a Supplement Plan paired with all the added benefits, I suggest Blue Shield here in San Diego.

    As always it is best that you speak to us: San Diego Medicare Brokers. Our HealthyMarks Medicare team can evaluate your needs and make the best decision for your health insurance. Our services are free to you, HealthyMarks has partnered with the insurance carriers in San Diego and they are willing to pay for our services to help you enroll in their plans.

  • 3. Should I pair my Original Medicare with a Supplement Plan or Advantage Plan?

    YES! You should absolutely pair your Original Medicare Plan with additional coverage. Do not sign up for Original Medicare and think you have completed the process. You will be much better off if you pair it with one of the strategies above.

    Do not go this decision alone. HealthyMarks Medicare is a team of professionals who excel at helping new Medicare members better understand their options. Our team wants to help you so you can select the best plan for you and your family. We offer all the best plans from all the best San Diego carriers. Our team is excited to talk to you about your medical needs and do not hesitate to give us a call so we can provide you with any information you need to select the best Supplement Plan or Advantage Plan here in San Diego.

  • 4. What is the IRMAA Extra Premium Charge for Higher Earners?

    IRMAA stands for income-related monthly adjustment amount and is an additional amount that some people might have to pay along with their Medicare premium.

    The Medicare Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA) is an amount you may pay in addition to your Part B or Part D premium if your income is above a certain level. If you are a higher earner, you will likely pay more for your Medicare plans.


Insurance carriers pay brokers like us to help you enroll in your Medicare plans.

So you can enroll with a professional free of charge!