Medicare Plans with Access to UCSD / UC San Diego Health Centers

UCSD is one of the best medical providers in San Diego with their cutting edge technology and enormous facilities. UCSD offers advanced services that many other medical groups cannot provide simply because they do not have the funding and the backbone of UCSD.

In 1961, California governor Brown agreed that the next University of California medical school would be built in San Diego next to the new county hospital. 60 years later, UCSD Health is one of the most impressive operations in all of California.


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Why Prioritize Access to UCSD for Medicare?

UCSD Health is a very impressive medical group. People often travel from out of town to come to UCSD to see the specialists who provide the best care available. Medicare members who select a Supplement Insurance plan can visit UCSD even if they are not living in San Diego.

If you sign up for a Supplement plan, you will also have access to that kind of freedom to see whichever doctor you want to see. 

UCSD is some of the best care in town, but what if you want to see a doctor outside of San Diego?  With your Supplement plan, you have access to any major medical provider anywhere in the United States.  You could travel to Los Angeles to visit doctors at the UCLA Medical System.  You could even travel out of California to visit the Mayo Clinic or Baylor Medical in Texas.  There is a lot of freedom with Supplement Insurance.

1. Innovative Medicine and More Advanced Treatments

UCSD is known for its cutting edge technology for treating major medical problems. Depending on your health needs, you may look to UCSD for a new treatment that isn’t widely used by the other medical providers in San Diego.

2. Additional Hospital and Doctor Choices

We here in San Diego are blessed to have so many medical providers to choose from. UCSD is a great place to rely on when you feel like Scripps and Sharp are unable to tackle your medical needs. UCSD has doctors who look at your medical needs differently.

3. Local Experts in the Heart of San Diego

UCSD and the hospital system is a major piece of San Diego. Driving on the I-5 freeway you’ll see brand new buildings UCSD Health has built to service the needs of our community. UCSD is always easy to access now we have the new railway and the new freeway construction is complete.

Medicare Supplement Plans to Consider for UCSD

Supplement Plan G

Supplement Plan G is currently the best Supplement plan on the market. This plan has a nationwide full network of doctors that you can visit while always receiving in-network pricing. Plan G reduces the Part B deductible dramatically so you are only responsible for a small amount of your yearly medical costs while your insurance pays the rest.

Supplement Plan F

Supplement Plan F is considered even better than the Supplement Plan G. Plan F also has a nationwide full network of doctors to choose from. In fact, all Supplement plans have the same network no matter which insurance carrier you sign up with or what state you sign up in. The major difference is that Plan F completely reduces the Part B deductible all the way to $0 a year.

*Plan F is only available to new Medicare members who turned 65 before the year 2020.

Supplement Plans offer access to all of UC San Diego Health

As a rule of thumb, if you want access to the best healthcare in your town, you’ll want to sign up for a Supplement Insurance Plan. These plans offer access to all of the major medical providers in San Diego including the UCSD Health system.

Supplement Plans are most like a full network PPO, so you’ll be able to visit specialists at UCSD without a referral and at in-network rates.

Some Advantage Plans offer limited access to UCSD

There are a handful of Advantage plans that offer access to UCSD. The SCAN Alta plan and the Blue Shield 65+ plan are both good examples of Advantage Plans with a UCSD Network of doctors. However, these plans require you to commit to the UCSD network of doctors and you will not have access to doctors outside of UCSD if you go down this route. By joining one of these Advantage plans and selecting a primary care physician from UCSD Health, you’ll enroll in the UCSD network.

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UCSD Facilities in San Diego

UCSD Medical Center

200 W. Arbor Drive San Diego, CA 92103

UCSD Health Urgent Care - La Jolla

8910 Villa La Jolla Drive La Jolla, CA 92037

UC San Diego Health – Encinitas Boulevard

1505 Encinitas Blvd. Encinitas, CA 92024

Koman Family Outpatient Pavilion at UC San Diego Health

9400 Campus Point Drive La Jolla, CA 92037

Insurance carriers pay brokers like us to help you enroll in your Medicare plans.

So you can enroll with a professional free of charge!