Medicare Plans with Access to Sharp Hospitals in San Diego

Sharp HealthCare is one of the major medical providers here in San Diego. The core medical group at Sharp has made it their focus to offer quality healthcare at an affordable price for those living in the downtown San Diego area.

Sharp offers access to a full network of services all within a short distance of their downtown headquarters. Just north of downtown is the Sharp Memorial Hospital and the surrounding properties all dedicated to servicing the city of San Diego.


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Why Select Sharp for Medicare?

Sharp has facilities and affiliates all throughout San Diego County to service the members who live on the outskirts of San Diego.

The Sharp Premier network of facilities are located near downtown San Diego while the Sharp Performance network includes all their affiliates surrounding San Diego county. If you are looking to sign up for Medicare with a great San Diego network of doctors, Sharp is a great option.

1. Robust Downtown San Diego Hospital Group

Sharp HealthCare is arguably the biggest healthcare provider in downtown San Diego. Their facilities are numerous and well organized. Sharp spent a lot of effort on servicing the downtown population and it shows.

2. Large Network of Facilities County-wide

Although a lot of Sharp’s focus is for the downtown community, Sharp has done an excellent job of finding affiliates to help service the needs of members on the outskirts of San Diego county. You’ll likely find a major medical provider with affiliations to Sharp near your home. If you have a major medical need on the outskirts of town, Sharp will absolutely be able to service you for those needs in one of their major hospitals nearby.

3. Sharp Grossmont Hospital is the largest medical facility in East County

As Sharp has expanded out from downtown San Diego, Sharp has made a large imprint in East County. To serve the needs of an expanding town, Sharp has built a beautiful hospital in the heart of Grossmont along the I-8 freeway.

4. Sharp has the Highest Member Rated Plan in California for 8 years in a row

Sharp has been widely praised for their excellent service here in San Diego. There is no higher praise than when members of your healthcare system rank your team for being the best. Sharp HealthCare and the specialists at Sharp have been rated #1 in all of California by their members for 8 years running.

5. Sharp provides Local Coverage but with National Recognition

The Board of Directors at Sharp continually strive to be the standard of excellence in San Diego. The local newspaper The Union Tribune has ranked Sharp #1. The Government’s Medicare Agency has also ranked Sharp 5 out of 5 stars. Medicare members are in good hands at Sharp.

Additional Benefits for Sharp Medicare Enrollees

Not all plans have these benefits but our team can help you find the right plan with the best additional benefits for you.

Emergency Response

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24/7 push of a button help in the event of a fall or any other emergency. Get a lightweight and waterproof button to connect directly to the LifeStation Monitoring Center.

Dental Coverage

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Yes, either with a built in dental benefit for some Advantage plans and with plans that do not have a dental plan built in you can get additional dental insurance plans.

Vision Discounts

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You can save your money on eyewear purchases and eye exams with this benefit. These EyeMed discounts include savings at LensCrafters and other retailers.

Hearing Program

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A discount for hearing services and hearing aids is available by certified HearingUSA health care providers. Your Sharp membership combined with your HearUSA membership offers you the best technology available.

24-7 Nurse Line and Virtual Medical Visits

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A registered nurse is available at all times to discuss any concerns you may be facing in your life. The nurse line is available any day and any time. Spanish translation services are available as well. Also talk to a provider wherever you are with Virtual Medical Visits.

Travel Insurance

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Don’t worry, you can travel outside of the United States and feel comfortable knowing your Medicare plan will cover most of the costs for your urgent care if you need it.

Entertainment Shopping and Restaurant Discounts

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Sharp has the bargaining power to offer its members discounts only available through them. Members enjoy discounts on movie tickets and concessions, discounts while shopping malls and specific stores, and discounts on food and dining. Save on car rentals, hotels, and airline tickets.

Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Podiatry

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Unlike many Advantage plans and Supplement Plans, you’ll have access to Chiropractic, acupuncture, and podiatry care for many of the Advantage plans you select.

Supplement and Advantage Plans with Access to Sharp

When enrolling in a Supplement plan, remember the network of doctors is the same regardless of which insurance carrier you select. The Supplement network of doctors is going to include all of Sharp HealthCare no matter which insurance carrier you select. Blue Shield and UnitedHealthcare are two of the most popular Supplement Insurance carriers here in San Diego.

There are a handful of options to consider if you’d like to join a Sharp network of doctors on an Advantage plan. Sharp offers their “Sharp Direct Advantage Plan” which is well priced and offers great benefits. However, Medicare members are unable to leverage the benefits of using a broker when signing up for this plan.

Our team at HealthyMarks recommends UnitedHealthcare and Blue Shield for their Advantage plans with access to Sharp. There are some differences between the plans that may sway your decision one way or another. Some of the additional benefits are slightly different. For example, UHC offers a gym membership through “Renew Active” while Blue Shield offers their gym membership through “Silver Sneakers.” Working with a broker to determine which ancillary benefits are best for you is a good way to determine which of these Advantage Plans makes the most sense.

Sharp Supplement Plans

Supplement Plans in San Diego are most similar to full network PPOs while an Advantage Plan is more similar to an HMO.

The Supplement Insurance will provide access to all of Sharp’s facilities and hospitals as well as others like Scripps and UCSD.

Sharp Advantage Plans

Advantage Plans offer access to Sharp but you will be required to select a network of Sharp doctors you wish to join.

With the Sharp Advantage plans, you do not have access to all of Sharp’s doctors and facilities. You will have to select one: You can select the Sharp’s Premier downtown San Diego Network or you can select one of the doctor networks from the Performance Network: like Arch Health Medical Group or Graybill Medical Group.

When enrolling in an Advantage plan, you’ll be required to include a Primary Care Physician that you’d like to visit on a regular basis. This selection determines which medical group you join so think hard about your decision! If you join the downtown Premier network, you will not have access to Arch Health or Graybill. If you join Graybill, you will not have access to Arch Health or the Premier network.

If you want access to all of Sharp without any restrictions, you should select a Supplement Insurance Plan.

Insurance carriers pay brokers like us to help you enroll in your Medicare plans.

So you can enroll with a professional free of charge!

Dental Insurance for Medicare Members


PPO Dental Insurance

PPO Dental Plans offer access to dentists who are in-network and dentists out-of-network. Dentists who are in-network have negotiated rates with the dental insurance carrier to ensure members pay reasonable and fair prices for their dental services. Out-of-network dentists may accept your PPO plan but you may end up paying more for your services.


HMO Dental Insurance

HMO Dental Insurance is often a much less expensive option compared to the PPO Dental options. HMO Dental plans have a limited network of dentists who will accept this insurance. The dentists who do accept the plan will offer discounted services for routine dental cleanings, check-ups, and more advanced dental services.

Part D Prescription Drug Coverage from Sharp

Many Advantage plans have built-in prescription drug coverage. This means you will not need to shop elsewhere to get your drugs covered. But with the majority of Supplement plans, prescription drug coverage is not included. You’ll want to pair your Supplement plan with a Part D Prescription Drug plan.

Sharp offers Medicare Part D prescription drug plans in San Diego.

Many Part D Prescription Drug Plans have a network of preferred pharmacies. You’ll receive your drugs at a discount if you visit one of these in network pharmacies. You may pay more for your drugs if you do not visit an in network pharmacy. Make sure you select a Part D plan with access to a pharmacy that is easy for you.

Many Prescription Drug Plans offer the ability to get your prescriptions sent to you in the mail. If you take prescriptions on a regular basis, consider signing up for mail orders to make things easier. 

Fitness Resources from Sharp HealthCare

All of the Medicare providers are invested in your overall health. You will have access to new fitness resources after you’ve enrolled in your Sharp Medicare plan. Sharp HealthCare sends their new Medicare members a fitbit and a home fitness kit.

At no cost to the member, Sharp also offers gym memberships to multiple locations. Sharp has partnered with 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, Jazzercise, and Curves to help you keep moving!

“We are proud to be a local Medicare business who is able to assist the people in our town when selecting Medicare plans. Ask us anything!”

Keaton & Alexa Marks

FAQS – Sharp Medicare Plans

  • UnitedHealthcare®
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  • 1. Does UnitedHealthcare® offer Medicare in San Diego?

    Yes, UnitedHealthcare® offers multiple Medicare products in San Diego.

    UnitedHealthcare® offers both Supplement and Advantage plans with access to Scripps, Sharp, and UCSD. UnitedHealthcare® also offers Part D Prescription Drug plans.

  • 2. Do I get access to SilverSneakers when I enroll in Medicare?

    In San Diego, Anthem, Aetna, Blue Shield, and SCAN all offer Silver Sneakers as a free benefit for their Medicare members.

    Some carriers offer a different fitness package. Take a look here for a detailed breakdown of each carrier's fitness offering.

    UnitedHealthcare® has their own gym and wellness package called “Renew Active.”

    Kaiser has a similar program called “Active&Fit” built for Kaiser’s Medicare members.


  • 3. Am I able to visit Scripps Hospitals in San Diego with a Medicare Advantage plan?

    Yes, however, effective January 1st 2024, the Scripps Clinic and Scripps Coastal network of doctors are no longer accepting any Medicare Advantage Plans.

    Supplement Plans have a nationwide network of doctors and Scripps is included.  You will be in network with Scripps hospitals with a Supplement plan.

  • 4. Can I receive Worldwide Coverage for Urgently Needed Services with Medicare?

    Yes, with many Supplement and Advantage plans, you will have access to emergency services anywhere in the world. You can be confident that you are able to travel and still receive emergency care.

    San Diego carriers Blue Shield, SCAN, and UnitedHealthcare® all offer "Travel Insurance" for any emergencies when you travel out of the country.

  • 5. Can I enroll in a Medicare plan with access to Tele-health services?

    Yes, many carriers in San Diego offer tele-health or Teledoc services.

    Blue Shield offers Teladoc on their Supplement plans. UnitedHealthcare® offers a 24-7 nurse line as well as virtual medical visits with a licensed physician. SCAN also offers access to telehealth care from the comfort of your home.

  • 6. Do I get a free gym membership when I enroll in Medicare?

    Many carriers offer a fitness package to their Medicare members. Take a look here for a detailed breakdown of each carrier's fitness offering.

    In San Diego, Anthem, Aetna, Blue Shield, and SCAN all offer Silver Sneakers as a free benefit for their Medicare members.

    UnitedHealthcare® has their own gym and wellness package called “Renew Active.”

    Kaiser has a similar program called “Active&Fit” built for Kaiser’s Medicare members.



Sharp Facilities in San Diego

Sharp Rees Steely - Downtown

300 Fir St, San Diego, CA 92101

Sharp Community Medical Group - Spectrum

8695 Spectrum Center Blvd, San Diego, CA 92123

Sharp Grossmont Hospital

5555 Grossmont Center Dr, La Mesa, CA 91942

Graybill Medical Group Escondido

225 E 2nd Ave, Building 2, Suite 102 Escondido, CA 92025
(760) 291-6777

Insurance carriers pay brokers like us to help you enroll in your Medicare plans.

So you can enroll with a professional free of charge!