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UnitedHealthcare™ Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Advantage Plans for Sharp Hospitals

UnitedHealthcare is one of the most popular Medicare carriers in town because they offer the most options on both the Supplement side and the Advantage side.

They offer more Medicare Advantage plans than any other carrier in San Diego. UnitedHealthcare has a great relationship with Sharp. With UnitedHealthcare Medicare plans, you’ll have access to robust additional benefits.


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Why Choose UnitedHealthcare for Medicare in San Diego

Read 5 top reasons to choose UnitedHealthcare for Medicare. Use this table of contents to navigate through the information on this page. Contact us and we will help you decide if this is the right plan for you. Don’t do it alone, we can help!

1. Advantage plans with access to Sharp Hospitals

UnitedHealthcare offers great Advantage plans with access to Sharp hospital network. These plans are well designed to cover your medical costs while also offering additional services like prescription drug coverage, dental and vision insurance, as well as other additional benefits. UnitedHealthcare has Advantage plans with access to other doctor networks as well.


2. Advantage plans with access to Scripps Del Mar and Scripps La Jolla

UnitedHealthcare offers a handful of Advantage plans with limited access to the Scripps hospital network and the Scripps doctor network. These plans are well designed to cover your medical costs while also offering additional services like prescription drug coverage, dental and vision insurance, as well as other additional benefits.


3. More Supplement options than any other carrier

UnitedHealthcare is unique in how it offers the most plans. Many carriers choose to only offer the best Supplement plans: for example, Blue Shield offers Plan A, Plan N, and Plan G… the most popular options with the best benefits. UnitedHealthcare offers more plans. Medicare Supplement Plans come in many options: Plan A, B, C, D, G, K, L, M, and Plan N.


4. Member Program Partnerships

UnitedHealthcare has partnered with a members program for all of their plans. If you are going to sign up for a UnitedHealthcare Medicare plan, you will also sign up for this program and receive all the benefits associated with their membership. This includes health and wellness benefits only offered by the group, insurance and financial services, discounts on food, shopping, and entertainment, and so much more.


5. Reputation & High Quality Service

UnitedHealthcare has always had high quality service in mind and have continue to receive 96% satisfaction surveys from their Medicare members. 9 – 10 members would recommend their plan to family members. UnitedHealthcare arguably covers more people with Medicare Supplement Plans nationwide than any other individual insurance carrier.

Additional Benefits with a UnitedHealthcare Medicare Plan

UnitedHealthcare benefits include worldwide coverage, membership discounts, dental coverage and more! Not all plans have these benefits but our team can help you find the right plan with the best additonal beneftis for you.

Emergency Response

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24/7 push of a button help in the event of a fall or any other emergency. Get a lightweight and waterproof button to connect directly to the LIfeStation Monitoring Center.

Dental Coverage

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Yes, either with a built in dental benefit for some Advantage plans and with plans that do not have a dental plan built in you can get additional dental insurance plans.

Vision Discounts by EyeMed

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You can save your money on eyewear purchases and eye exams with this UnitedHealthcare benefit. These EyeMed discounts include savings at LensCrafters and other retailers.

Hearing Program by HearUSA

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A discount for hearing services and hearing aids is available by certified HearingUSA health caer providers. Your UnitedHealthcare membership combined with your HearUSA membership offers you the best technology available.

24-7 Nurse Line and Virtual Medical Visits

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A registered nurse is available at all times to discuss any concerns you may be facing in your life. The nurse line is available any day and any time. Spanish translation services are available as well. Also talk to a provider wherever you are with Virtual Medical Visits.

Scan Travel Insurance

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Don’t worry, you can travel outside of the United States and feel comfortable knowing your Medicare plan will cover most of the costs for your urgent care if you need it.

Entertainment Shopping and Restaurant Discounts

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UnitedHealthcare has the bargaining power to offer its members discounts only available through them. Members enjoy discounts on movie tickets and concessions, discounts while shopping malls and specific stores, and discounts on food and dining. Save on car rentals, hotels, and airline tickets.

Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Podiatry

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Unlike many Advantage plans and Supplement Plans, you’ll have access to Chiropractic, acupuncture, and podiatry care for many of the UHC Advantage plans you select.

UnitedHealthcare offers the largest number of Supplement plans

Many carriers only offer maybe one or two Supplement plans because the insurance carrier finds them to be the best for the most amount of people. UnitedHealthcare believes that you should have more choices in your Supplement plans.

Supplement plans come in many forms. You can select Plan A, B, C, D, G, K, L, M, and Plan N.

Insurance carriers pay brokers like us to help you enroll in your Medicare plans.

So you can enroll with a professional free of charge!

Dental Add ons for UnitedHealthcare Supplement Plans


Discounted Dental Plans

When you enroll in a Supplement Plan from UnitedHealthcare and some of the Advantage plans as well, you’ll want to pair it with a dental insurance plan. Although you can always pair your UnitedHealthcare medical with a different insurance carrier’s dental plan, they offer great dental products.


Advantage Plans with Built in Dental Insurance

Some of the Advantage plans have dental plans already built into the plan design at little or no additional cost to you the enrollee. Other advantage plans, you will want to pair your plan with a UnitedHealthcare dental insurance plan. Bundling dental plans with your new Medicare plan is a HealthyMarks best practice.

Prescription Drug Coverage for UnitedHealthcare Supplement Plans

All Advantage plans have built-in prescription drug coverage and you will not need to shop elsewhere to get your drugs covered. But with all Supplement plans, you’ll want to pair your Supplement plan with a Part D Prescription Drug plan.

UnitedHealthcare offers Medicare Part D prescription drug plans in San Diego.

These plans use a network of preferred pharmacies. If you use out of network pharmacies, the plan may not pay for those drugs or you may pay more than you pay at a network pharmacy.

Enjoy the convenience of OptumRx home delivery. You can order 90 day supplies for Tier 1 medications by using the UnitedHealthcare preferred home delivery pharmacy. You can receive the drugs you take regularly directly att you front door with no cost for standard shipping.

“Renew ActiveTM” Fitness Program

“Renew ActiveTM” is a fitness program offered at no additional cost to you.

It includes a free gym membership, access to an extensive network of gyms and fitness locations, personalized fitness plans, and an online brain health program.

“We are proud to be a local Medicare business who is able to assist the people in our town when selecting Medicare plans. Ask us anything!”

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FAQS – UnitedHealthcare Medicare Plans

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  • 1. Can I receive Worldwide Coverage for Urgently Needed Services with Medicare?

    Yes, with many Supplement and Advantage plans, you will have access to emergency services anywhere in the world. You can be confident that you are able to travel and still receive emergency care.

  • 2. Can I enroll in a Medicare plan with Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)?

    Yes, Blue Shield offers PERS on their “Plan F Extra” plan. SCAN offers PERS for any of their Advantage plans. And UnitedHealthcare™ also has PERS for those who enroll with their plans.

  • 3. Can I enroll in a Medicare plan with access to Tele-health services?

    Yes, Blue Shield offers Teladoc on their “Plan G Extra” plan. UnitedHealthcare™ offers a 24-7 nurse line as well as virtual medical visits with a licensed physician. SCAN also offers access to telehealth care from the comfort of your home.

  • 4. Do all plans receive “Medicare Star Ratings”?

    All Part D Prescription Drug plans and all Advantage plans will always have a star rating. Many plans do not receive star ratings. Although some Supplement plans do receive star ratings, not all do. Blue Shield’s Supplement plans do not offer star ratings. Dental and Vision plan add-ons also do not have Medicare Star ratings.

  • 5. Does UnitedHealthcare™ offer both Advantage plans and Supplement Insurance Plans?

    Yes, in fact, UnitedHealthcare™ has the largest number of both Supplement Insurance plans and Advantage plans to choose from.

  • 6. Do I get access to SilverSneakers when I enroll in a UnitedHealthcare™ Medicare Plan?

    No, UnitedHealthcare™ has a partnership to offer its version of a gym membership: “Renew Active.” SilverSneakers is available for those who enroll in a SCAN Advantage plan or a Blue Shield plan.

  • 7. Does Sharp offer Medicare Services in San Diego?

    Yes, Sharp Hospitals are available to you through UnitedHealthcare™ Advantage plans or a Supplement plan in San Diego.

  • 8. Does UnitedHealthcare™ Medicare offer Medicare Plans in San Diego?

    Yes, the UnitedHealthcare™ Medicare Plans are a great way to get access to Sharp hospital networks with an Advantage plan.

  • 9. Can I get dental, vision, and hearing insurance coverage through Medicare?

    Yes, when you enroll in Medicare you can pair additional services to your plan for an additional cost. For example, Blue Shield offers “Plan G Extra” which offers vision and hearing aid services. You can also add on a dental insurance plan for an additional cost.

  • 10. Am I able to visit Scripps Hospitals in San Diego with an Advantage plan?

    Yes, you can select a SCAN Advantage plan if you wish to be in network with Scripps. UnitedHealthcare™ also offers Advantage plans with access to some Scripps locations.

  • 11. Do UnitedHealthcare™ Medicare Plans offer prescription drug coverage?

    Yes, UnitedHealthcare Advantage plans come with bundled prescription drug coverage. UnitedHealthcare™ also offers Part D Prescription Drug plans to pair alongside a Supplement Insurance plan.

  • 12. Do UnitedHealthcare™ Medicare Plans offer dental insurance?

    Yes, some UnitedHealthcare Advantage plans have Dental insurance already included. Others you can pair with their dental insurance plans for a small price.

  • 13. Do I receive gym membership access when I enroll in a UnitedHealthcare™ Medicare plan?

    UnitedHealthcare offers its own “Renew Active” gym membership allowing you to find a gym that works for you. UnitedHealthcare also partnered with “Staying Sharp” so you can support a healthy brain and body.

  • 14. Do UnitedHealthcare™ Medicare plans offer Vision Services?

    UnitedHealthcare’s Medicare partner offers vision discounts by EyeMed.


UnitedHealthcare Medicare Facility Locations in San Diego

Scripps Mercy Hospital

4077 5th Avenue San Diego, CA 92103

Scripps Green Hospital

10666 N Torrey Pines Rd, La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 554-9100

Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla

Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas

Insurance carriers pay brokers like us to help you enroll in your Medicare plans.

So you can enroll with a professional free of charge!