Will Repealing Obamacare increase business sponsored insurance?

June 2, 2017

There is one unintentional consequence to what Donald Trump is putting together and I'd like to talk about that now.


If we're blunt about what Donald Trump has been doing with his republican counterparts, he intends to strip the poorest people in America from their ability to purchase health insurance with premium deductions. He wants to ensure that only those who can afford healthcare are able to have access to it.


Because the poorest of us can no longer afford paying for insurance, what's going to happen is that we are going to choose not to buy health insurance and this is what we've seen from the CBO report.



Here is what will happen:  

Small business owners will feel pressure from their employees to offer health insurance once again.  When the individual insurance exchange was opened a few years back, it was fiscally responsible to suggest your own employees go to the exchanges.  The businesses save money by not offering insurance, and the employees are happy because they receive discounted insurance.


If Trump's plan is successful, there will be less opportunities to get insurance and group insurance will be more and more loved by employees once again. If the best place to get "Quality Health Insurance" is at a job, employers are going to need to offer health insurance.


Small businesses hate purchasing health insurance for their employees. I've heard businesses complain about it and a lot of cost conscious owners attempt to avoid it. But, good employees are often hard to come by and businesses need to do what it takes to keep their best.


We will see a huge Trend in 2018 if Donald Trump is able to destroy the individual market.  Be prepared.

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