Resolving Issues with your Health Insurance Carrier - Give them a Call!

September 9, 2019

I've got a problem with my health insurance... how do I resolve this?  You CALL!  Here are the best tips I can provide you to get things done when calling your insurance carrier.



When you pick up the phone and get a live person from the health insurance carrier on the other line there’s a good chance you can get something done. Here’s a couple tips to help you on those tough conversations with health insurance support teams.


Step 1 - Gather your paperwork - be prepared as soon as they pick up the phone and the other line. The support team needs your group number and subscriber IDs. The billing department might use a different group number then the customer service department. And remember, these carriers only have the info you sent them in during your enrollment.


Step 2 - Ask and understand the carriers’ process - a lot of times the person on the other line can only do a certain responsibility. It is your job to understand what the next step in the process is one fat person ask fulfill their responsibility. Listen and see if you can do some shortcuts. For example you could say, “I actually have the form filled out right now. Do you have an email? Could i email this to you now?


Step 3 - Follow up - if a carrier has something go wrong on their end they often will not inform you. Sometimes working with health insurance carriers feels more like whack a mole then flipping a switch. But do know that if you are persistent you will get the same people working on the problem and you will get it solved.


Step 4 - make your broker do this for you. If this is with a group insurance policy your broker will know exactly how to solve these sorts of issues. And If your broker isn’t willing to do this for you I’d be happy to. I’m Keaton, the owner at HealthyMarks Insurance services. Thank you.


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