Forming new habits can be tough. This is especially true if you are doing your best to grind away at work and make a living for your family.  How can one best adjust their lifestyle to become more healthy?

Adding a Healthy Habit is Better than Eliminating a Poor Habit

Health experts argue that adding new health habits to your daily lifestyle can be more healthy than trying to remove unhealthy habits. For example, you may attempt to remove an unhealthy food from your diet. Experts argue that it would be more beneficial to focus on adding healthy foods to your diet.

I often speak to organizations in San Diego about how they can improve their team’s health and what the organization can do to encourage healthy employees. When writing your employee handbook, take a minute to see how you can offer healthy options and lifestyles.  Business owners should offer health insurance benefits to their employees and they should go beyond that as well.  Healthy teams are more productive.

Here are a few habits that I encourage teams to implement because I see such great results.

Add a Healthy Food Habit to your Daily Diet

Like we suggested above, our team stresses the importance of adding healthy food options to your daily diet. I always suggest starting your day off with some healthy breakfasts. Many people simply skip breakfast or even worse, fill themselves with unhealthy carbs. This is a great time to focus on putting a handful of healthy calories into your system as a great start to your day. Oats and hardboiled eggs are always my go to easy healthy breakfast!

Business owners and HR teams are always spending time and energy with the goal of having more efficient and productive employees.  Encouraging a healthy habit or providing a healthy habit is a great way to accomplish this goal.  For example, many businesses working with HealthyMarks are offering immunity boosters and other supplements to promote a healthy work environment.

I would suggest offering the Essential Daily Immune formula from Enhanced Immune designed to
specifically target micronutrient gaps in the average diet. Eating whole fresh micronutrient rich foods is best and adding a supplement shown to rapidly enhance immune system function will ensure your employees are in tip top shape.

Adding a Healthy Activity to your Daily Routine

Instead of focusing on diet, you could find a way to add a healthy activity to your routine. Getting the body moving multiple times throughout the day has proven to be one of the most important things for longterm health and also for office productivity. Employers should always encourage their team to find ways to be active during the work day.

Often times the best activity is one that is easy to accomplish and one you can always find enough time.  For example, I encourage the teams I work with to schedule a daily 10 minute walk around your office building. I found that teams of two or three are the best at holding each other accountable. This is a great healthy way to get the blood flowing and reset your mind.

Obviously a 10 minute walk is not going to result in 6-pack abs. If you wan to take this concept to the next level, you should consider Smart Fit Method. Smart Fit has mastered the quick workout. You can complete a workout in 45 minutes and still have time to eat lunch before getting back to the office. It is tough to squeeze in a workout when you are so focused at work but Smart Fit has found the secret sauce to encourage employees to continue working out regularly.

Encourage Your Office’s Healthy Habits

Employers here in North County San Diego should consider offering both the Essential Daily Immune formula and supporting their employees who wish to join Smart Fit Method.  A happy and healthy office always leads to a productive team.