Andy Helped his Mother Better Understand Medicare with the Help of HealthyMarks Medicare

“My mom has been on Medicare for years. Each year, it is hard for her to keep up with the advertised changes and Mom just wanted to be sure she was getting the best plan for her situation. I reached out to a handful of brokers but most of them just wanted to sell a plan as quickly as possible and many of them didn’t have clear answers to our questions. Alexa was exactly the opposite. She was a great listener, knowledgeable on all plans, patient with my mother’s questions and provided clear, concise communication. Working with Alexa made us feel much more confident about our final decision. Thank you, Alexa!”
– Andy P.

Thank you Andy for reaching out to us with your questions.  It is encouraging to hear that our team was able to provide you with the information you needed while the other brokers were not able to help.  When you turn 65, we’ll be ready to help you enroll too!

I am not surprised to hear that other brokers have a difficult time evaluating all plans.  There are a lot of Medicare plans in San Diego and only an educated team of brokers like HealthyMarks is able to offer all plans.  Our team has taken an approach of education over sales.  We have always prided ourselves in having knowledge about every insurance carrier and the healthcare providers / hospital networks you can visit with those plans.  It is all about signing up for the right plan the first time.