Two Quick Steps to Implement a Wellness Program with your Employees

Fostering a wellness program is a project that everyone should agree is worthwhile. Who isn’t interested in being healthy? An office that fosters a focus of wellness has many benefits. Employees report feeling more alert and more productive. Employee relationships flourish. So here are a few tips for starting a wellness program at your office.

Step 1 – During your monthly meetings, create 1 goal per team member to track

Tip – Think about healthy additions. Not unhealthy subtractions.

– Add a new healthy meal to your diet.
– Add a new healthy exercise habit to your work day.

My favorite goals are those that incorporate a team member into the goal. For example, at a dental office I work with, two friends decided to take daily walks during their morning breaks. This is an easy way to hold each other accountable and a fun way to spend 20 minutes.

Step 2 – During your next monthly meeting, review how everyone did with their new goal.

I’ve learned that it can be as simple as that! Having a positive monthly feedback loop during the team meetings is a great way to encourage each other and keep our goals moving the right direction as a team.