Linda selected HealthyMarks Medicare as her broker and saved hundreds

“Alexa has been a joy to work with. We have been paying thousands of dollars in monthly premiums and Alexa came in and helped us save money. She was very detailed in her work so that our prescriptions were covered under Blue Shield which in return saved us a ton of money annually. My husband and I are very appreciate of the HealthyMarks team.”
– Linda L.  –  Santa Cruz, CA

Linda and David L. live in Santa Cruz California.  When Linda turned 65, she knew she would need some help.  Her friend recommended HealthyMarks Medicare and she reached out to Alexa.  Alexa helped Linda enroll in Original Medicare and select her additional coverage.  After the process, Linda suggested that Alexa help her husband too!  Now both of them are insured with Medicare from HealthyMarks.

HealthyMarks helps people enroll in Medicare anywhere in California

Although we are based in San Diego, our team is able to help anyone in California enroll in Medicare.  Our team has licenses that covers all plans throughout the state.  Furthermore, we have experience evaluating and enrolling in plans for every major city in California.  Our team has spent time living and working in Santa Cruz.  We’ve serviced companies in San Fransisco.  Don’t hesitate to ask our opinion.