Aetna’s SmartRx is now called SmartSaver in 2023

One of San Diego Medicare’s most popular Part D prescription drug plans from Aetna just got even better. This plan has been around for a couple years but it has gotten a facelift for 2023.  This plan was called the SmartRx plan in 2022.  In 2023, Aenta’s SmartRx plan will be called the Aetna SmartSaver.

Improved Part D Benefits for Aetna’s SmartSaver in 2023

In 2023, this plan just got even better. Many prescriptions will be less expensive in 2023 for a number of reasons. For example, because of the Inflation Reduction Act passed by Joe Biden in August, all insulin will be offered with a $10 copay. Many anti-diabetic drugs have been lowered to tier 2. On top of that, Tier 2 copays have been lowered.  

Aetna’s SmartSaver Part D plan is still one of the least expensive options. Not every broker may mention this plan because it doesn’t offer commissions to the broker who sells it. Still, it is an important plan to offer and consider because it is so competitive on monthly premiums and has great coverage for most generic drugs. This SmartSaver from Aetna offers great benefits at a great premium and pairs well with a Supplement Plan G.

Pair Your Supplement with a Part D Prescription Drug Plan

Medicare Part D plans are paired alongside Supplement plans. Currently, Supplement Plan G has been the most popular. Medicare Supplement plans are considered the most robust and best option for covering hospital care, but need to be paired with a Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

Members will have to sign up for a Part D plan to avoid penalties.  Even if you are not taking any prescription drugs it is still a Medicare best practice to have Part D coverage. Aetna is leading San Diego’s market with a low cost plan in the SmartSaver.  This is a great plan for those of us who do not have many prescriptions but want to address the need for a Part D plan.