Both Dr. Ron B. and Patty B. Offered Nice Things to Say About Their Experience with HealthyMarks

“I recently turned 65 and was in need of help evaluating Medicare. Before our enrollment meeting, I had saved and never looked at this stack of papers I received in the mail from multiple insurance companies. It was overwhelming and not helpful. Keaton and Alexa visited me at my home and changed the situation completely. I was able to quickly wrap my head around my Medicare options and make a selection. Thanks for your help!”

– Dr. Ron B. – San Diego

“My husband Ron recently joined Medicare and asked Alexa Marks from HealthyMarks Medicare to help him enroll in the new plans. Because I was covered as a dependent under Ron’s previous plan, I was left without coverage! Keaton was a great resource to talk to during this time. He has expertise in all aspects of individual health insurance and was able to find a new plan for me. It was really nice to speak with HealthyMarks because they had multiple options to choose from that other brokers would not have suggested. I’m looking forward to meeting with the team again when I am eligible for Medicare.”

– Patty B. – San Diego

Thank you both for inviting us into your adorable home on a hill by the sea! It was a pleasure working with you both.  I look forward to helping you each year during renewal!

Feel free to come to me if you need help with any form of health insurance.  Our team has expertise in San Diego Medicare Plans, Small Business Insurance Services, and Individual Plans.  It is common for couples to enroll in Medicare at different times.  Let us help you evaluate your Medicare options vs your business health insurance options.

Even Ron and Patty’s Son Evan Weighed In

“Keaton and Alexa are awesome at their job. I’ve known them both for many years so I was happy to introduce them to my parents who are currently enrolling in Medicare. My parents wont stop raving about how great of a visit it was with Keaton and Alexa. Obviously HealthyMarks Medicare was able to help both my mom and my dad find their new Medicare plan.”

– Evan B. – San Diego

Thank you Evan.  I appreciate you introducing me to your parents. They have been amazing.