Effective January 1st 2024, Scripps will no longer accept Medicare Advantage plans to offer access to Scripps networks of doctors. It is important to note that your Medicare Advantage plans will still offer access to Scripps for the remainder of 2023. If you are impacted by this change, make sure you reach out for help during this Medicare Open Enrollment.

For many years, SCAN has been the best option for those looking to access Scripps on a Medicare Advantage plan.  Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Both Scripps Clinic and Scripps Coastal will no longer accept these plans or any Advantage plans. Lucky for you, HealthyMarks Medicare has some solutions for you to access Scripps in 2024.

There are Multiple Ways to visit Scripps while on Medicare

Scripps Accepts Medicare Supplement Plans

Many of our clients are not sure whether or not they will be impacted by this decision of Scripps. If you currently visit Scripps doctors with a Supplement plan, you can continue to do so in 2024. The popular Medicare Supplement plans are Plan F and Plan G. If you currently have a plan with a name similar to that, you’ll be able to continue to visit Scripps.

Supplement Plans are more similar to a large network PPO. Medicare enrollees of Supplement plans have access to Scripps, Sharp, UCSD, and many more networks of doctors and can choose who to visit… Supplement plans even offer access to doctors and hospitals in other states. Supplement plans are paired with Part D Prescription Drug Plans during enrollment.

Accessing Scripps Hospitals on an Advantage Plan in 2024

Technically, some Medicare Advantage plans will still have access to Scripps hospitals… just not the Scripps networks.  The two most popular Scripps networks are called “Scripps Coastal” and “Scripps Clinic”.  These are no longer available for anyone on a Medicare Advantage plan. However, there are networks of doctors that accept Medicare Advantage plans that affiliate with the Scripps hospitals. For example, Mercy Physicians Medical Group have quality primary care doctors and specialists that admit to Scripps hospitals. Some of these specialists have two network affiliations… so they can be considered Scripps Specialists.  Here is a short list of Medical Groups accepting Advantage Plans that may fit your needs:

  • Mercy Physicians Medical Group
  • Scripps Physicians Medical Group (the third and final Scripps Medical Group)
  • Optum Care Network North County (PCAMG)
  • Prospect Medical Group SD
  • Health Excel IPA

Reach out to HealthyMarks Medicare if you’d like help this Open Enrollment

There are thousands of families who are impacted by this decision by Scripps. Many feel frustrated and unsure on how to proceed.  You do not need to do this alone! HealthyMarks Medicare is equipped to help you evaluate and enroll in a new Medicare plan this Open Enrollment.  Please reach out to our team for advice.