Both Mark and Terri loved enrolling with HealthyMarks Medicare

HealthyMarks is proud to share with you the story of Mark and Terri. Both of them are happy HealthyMarks customers who have enrolled in Original Medicare and a Supplement Insurance plan here in San Diego. If you need help with your medicare enrollment in San Diego California, reach out the Alexa and Keaton Marks.

Alexa and Keaton show up and just take over. They asked us some questions and we filled everything out.  In twenty minutes I was signed up for Medicare, had my Supplement Insurance Plan F, and had my drugs covered.  Anytime I have a question I can just call them up and they’ll answer it.
– Mark L.  –  Encinitas, CA

It is insanely tough to navigate Medicare without help.  We had some friends that used Alexa and Keaton and highly recommended them so we decided to give them a call.  They really made what I’ve heard over the years a tough job so easy and so nice and it is definitely an advantage to have somebody who knows what they are doing.”  –
– Terri L.  –  Encinitas, CA

Thank you both for the kind words!  HealthyMarks Medicare is here to help anyone better understand their San Diego Medicare Insurance options.