Lets Take A Look President Trump's Changes to Healthcare for 2018

March 28, 2018

As president Donald Trump approaches his second year in office it is worth taking a look back at the policy changes he was hoping to make regarding repealing Obamacare and replacing it with something else. Although president Trump has not repealed Obamacare, he has made a significant change in the way the individual health insurance marketplace works by repealing the individual mandate forcing people to have health insurance or else pay a penalty. 


President Trump and Congress passed a tax cut in 2017 that removed the nationwide individual mandate to own health insurance. During this tax season people will receive notices that they owe the government nearly $1,000 for not having health insurance in 2017. However, you are no longer required by the government to have a health insurance plan in place for 2018 and onward.


California's individual Insurance Exchange has been a pretty large success for those who are attempting to get health insurance outside of their employer. It is difficult to assess whether or not this individual mandate disappearing will encourage people to cancel their health insurance policy and go uninsured. If this is the case, we may see the state of California enforcing their own individual mandate to encourage young healthy people to join the health insurance marketplace.


It is safe to say that Obamacare is here to stay. The individual mandate was one of the least favorite parts of Obamacare and only a small adjustment to our nation's health insurance strategy. President Trumps rhetoric towards repealing Obamacare has become buried under other aspects of his presidency and it seems like no one at our national government is going to make an effort to replace Obamacare with something else.






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