Medicare for All? Medicare for 55 and Up?

January 7, 2019

There is no question that healthcare reform is still on the table in Washington. 


You may have heard as recently as this December about a Texas judge ruling Obamacare unconstitutional.  14 other judges have repealed this judge, and we're expecting another small battle.  Keep in mind our government has proven that they are not reckless enough to remove what is in place without a replacement.


Although republicans in power have seemed to let the conversation of repealing Obamacare die out, democratic representatives have taken the opportunity to run with more healthcare reform ideas.  We are starting to hear more and more about "medicare for all".  This is a huge idea, and it isn't very popular.  There is too much fear surrounding it.  However, the idea of "Medicare for 55 and up" is much more approachable.

Our current Medicare system has flaws and it is expensive.  However, it is working.  Americans turning 65 are required to evaluate medicare as an option for their health insurance moving forward.  The majority of people jump into medicare because they can save almost $1000 a month!  


Healthcare is expensive. And the notion of huge savings is enticing.  I wouldn't be surprised if "Medicare for 55 and up" caught traction among voters.  Time will tell.

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