San Diego Medicare Supplement Insurance and Advantage Plans

Supplement Insurance and Medicare Advantage Plans are built to cover the gaps in your Original Medicare. For example if you enroll in Part A and Part B of Original Medicare, you will have access to doctors and they will provide you with services but you will have a very large deductible. The Part A deductible is $1,408 in 2020. If you go ahead and pair your Original Medicare with a Supplement Insurance plan or an Advantage Plan you will be able to reduce that deductible to only a few hundred dollars. Plan G and Plan N have a $185 deductible for 2020.

Supplement Insurance and Advantage Plans are both extremely beneficial and relatively cheap for the insured. I highly recommend evaluating both of these plans and identifying which is best for you. I do not recommend signing up for Part A and Part B Original Medicare without a Supplement Plan or an Advantage Plan. San Diego carriers like United Healthcare and Blue Shield offer awesome Supplement and Advantage solutions and I am happy to share with you those plans that you can make a better decision about your insurance when you turn 65.

Why Do I need a Supplement or Advantage Plan when I sign up for Original Medicare?

Original Medicare is an awesome product however it does not cover all of the costs associated with your health care. As you get older it's important to make sure that you are going to be completely covered for any of your medical needs. A Supplement Plan or an Advantage Plan will make sure that the costs out of your own pocket stay small anytime you need to go to the doctor. The best thing about a Medicare Advantage or a Medicare Supplement Plan is how little you need to pay out of pocket for your services.

Although you do not need to sign up for a Supplement or an Advantage Plan I highly recommend it. Especially here in San Diego Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans are going to be extremely beneficial help you see the doctors that you want to see at the coverage that you want and you will pay very little out of your own pocket. 

The most robust Supplement Plan in San Diego for 2020 is Plan G. This plan will only cost a newly eligible 65 year old $153.12 per month. This is the route most of my clients take because Supplement Plans offer more robust services and access to doctors compared to Advantage Plans. You'll pay $144.60 for Original Medicare and $153.12 for the best Supplement Plan here in San Diego in 2020.

How to Choose between a Supplement plan and an Advantage Plan here in San Diego

Both Supplement Plans and Advantage Plans will serve your needs. However we can identify which plan is better for you by laying out the specific needs you may have. The first thing is that a Supplement Plan will provide you access to any doctor throughout the United States whereas an Advantage Plan will make you sign up for a San Diego network of doctors. You can think of a Supplement Plan as a really robust PPO plan with access to every doctor in America for an in-network cost. You can think of an Advantage Plan as having an HMO network of doctors that you need to stay within to make sure your care is handled a proper out of pocket cost for you.

Supplement Plans are a bit more expensive because of that robust network of doctors and because most of your out of pocket costs will be covered immediately after a small deductible. Advantage Plans are usually a lot less expensive each month in premiums compared to Supplement Plans. Advantage Plans allow the carriers to get creative to offer unique solutions to their services so they can better serve you and save money. Those savings by the insurance carrier are passed along as monthly premium savings to you the insured. Sometimes these plans can be as inexpensive as only a few dollars a month. Advantage Plans are also unique because they can bundle dental and vision services as well as your prescription drug services into one plan offered by one insurance carrier. An Advantage Plan offers a one stop shop for all of your medical needs for only a few dollars a month.

If you want access to all the San Diego doctors and doctors throughout the United States, you want that strong PPO in network plan. You should select the Supplement Plan and be confident because all of your costs will be covered. You will have no problem finding doctors who will accept your plan and you can always feel confident that you will have the best health insurance available to you.

If you are interested in bundling all your prescription drugs needs, your medical needs, as well as dental and vision insurance, Advantage Plans can do this for you. When you select your Advantage Plan, make sure you can visit the doctors that you want to see for in network costs.

Note that Blue Shield has been offering Supplement Plans alongside Part D Prescription Drug Plans that can be paired with a Blue Shield Dental and Vision VSP Plan. So if you want the power of a Supplement Plan paired with all the added benefits, I suggest Blue Shield here in San Diego.

As always it is best that you speak to us, Medicare Professionals. Our HealthyMarks Medicare team can evaluate your needs and make the best decision for your health insurance. Our services are free to you, HealthyMarks has partnered with the insurance carriers in San Diego and they are willing to pay for our services to help you enroll in their plans.

Supplement Plans in San Diego and their Costs

What is the typical monthly premium for a Supplement Plan in San Diego for 2020?

Supplement Plans are paired with Original Medicare and a Part D Prescription Drug plan. So you'll first pay the $144.60 for Original Medicare each month and then you'll add on the costs for the Supplement Plan and the Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

Plan F was the most popular Supplement Plan because it had a $0 deductible. However, Plan F is no longer available in 2020 and the new best plan is Plan G with a $185 deductible. This deductible is a reduction the Original Medicare Part B deductible of $1408.

A 65 year old will pay $139.20 per month in 2020 for Plan G in San Diego.

Original Medicare $144.60 + Plan G $139.20 = $283.80 per month.

Dental and Vision Insurance Options with a Supplement Plan

Although Supplement Plans do not cover your vision or dental insurance, you still have many options to get that coverage when you sign up for a Supplement Plan. For example UnitedHealthcare provides tons of dental and vision insurance provided through AARP. Blue Shield offers new members to sign up for their dental and vision plans during the enrollment process with any of their supplement insurance offerings.

These additional dental and vision insurance plans are optional and do add additional costs associated with them.

​Although your Supplement Insurance service do not provide access to dental or vision insurance, HealthyMarks knows exactly how to bundle those services for you.

Part D Prescription Drug Coverage with a Supplement Plan

Prescription drugs are not covered by Supplement Plans. Everyone has the option to pair a Part D Prescription Drug Plan alongside their Supplement Insurance. Our HealthyMarks Medicare team prides ourselves in the ability to pair you with the best prescription drug plan for your needs. Our team takes a list of the prescriptions you take and finds the least expensive plan that will cover your prescriptions at the best costs.

HealthyMarks will make sure you get all of the services bundled together so you know that you've got all the coverage you need during your initial enrollment.

Advantage Plans in San Diego and their Costs

What is the typical monthly premium for an Advantage Plan in San Diego for 2020?

While Supplement Insurance Plans are straightforward, Advantage Plans are more complicated in their design. Each Advantage Plan is unique because the plans are designed by the insurance carrier. For this reason you will likely be able to sign up for an Advantage Plan for only a handful of dollars each month. There are plans available to you for single digit premiums each month.


However I don't want new Medicare members to select the least expensive plan. We want to select a plan that matches your needs. Here at HealthyMarks we have created an amazing business by pairing the right plans with the right people.

These Advantage Plans have deductibles and out of pocket costs you will not run into with a Supplement Plan. These deductibles change drastically depending on which carrier and which Advantage Plan you select. If you are looking for an inexpensive plan that covers most of your costs, you may want to search for an Advantage Plan that allows you to visit the San Diego network of doctors that matter most to you.

Dental Vision and Prescription Drug Coverage is Bundled with Advantage Plans

A major reason people select an Advantage Plan is because of the added services bundled into the plan. All Advantage Plans include Prescription Drug coverage as well as Dental and Vision Insurance all included in a single plan. Plus this plan is going to be extremely inexpensive for the insured because the government and the health insurance carrier like Blue Shield or United Healthcare have figure out how to keep their costs low. If you want to bundle all of your services into one plan, you should select an Advantage Plan.


Remember that the Supplement Insurance Plans offer better medical coverage because you will have less out of pocket costs when you visit a doctor or have medical needs. Advantage Plans would argue they are better because they bundle more services for a less expensive cost.

Should I pair my Original Medicare with either a Supplement Plan or Advantage Plan here in San Diego?

YES! You should absolutely pair your Original Medicare Plan with additional coverage. Do not sign up for Original Medicare and think you have completed the process. You will be much better off if you pair it with one of the strategies above.

Do not go this decision alone. HealthyMarks Medicare is a team of professionals who excel at helping new Medicare members better understand their options. Our team wants to help you so you can select the best plan for you and your family. We offer all the best plans from all the best San Diego carriers. Our team is excited to talk to you about your medical needs and do not hesitate to give us a call so we can provide you with any information you need to select the best Supplement Plan or Advantage Plan here in San Diego.

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