When you turn 65, selecting your medicare benefits is going to be an important decision.  It is important to lay out all of the options and understand which will be available to you in the future.  HealthyMarks Medicare does an excellent job of helping you select the best plan for you and your family. You will find a lot of value working with a Medicare professional because we can help you understand your options.  Best of all, our services from HealthyMarks are free. I suggest working with a Medicare Specialist like ourselves because many people make a big mistake during their initial enrollment period and pay for it later in life.

Those who’ve turned 65 will enroll in Original Medicare, and select between an Advantage plan or Supplement Insurance.  Healthy individuals may feel it is best to select an inexpensive plan during this initial enrollment period.  They may pass on the more expensive Supplement Insurance plans because they may not need all those benefits at the young age of 65.  Once a year, Medicare  can switch plans during the Open Enrollment each Fall.  So you could switch from a less expensive Advantage Plan to a more expensive Supplement Insurance plan when you need more medical attention.    However, many do not know this important fact:

A current diagnosis of cancer will cause the carrier to decline your coverage for a switch to a Supplement Insurance Plan

Yes, Medicare does have open enrollment every year.  However, you are subject to a medical evaluation if you want to switch to Supplement Insurance. If you are diagnosed with cancer, you will not be able to enroll in these popular Supplement Insurance Plans. During your initial enrollment at age 65, you do not need to take a medical evaluation.  At age 65 you are qualified to enroll in any plan you choose.  

Advantage Plans are Capable of Providing the Care You Need

This is not to say that Medicare Advantage Plans are not capable of providing quality care to cancer patients. Advantage Plans provide excellent healthcare coverage at a great value.  However, Supplement Insurance Plans like Plan G and Plan N are quite popular for a reason. They provide excellent coverage, a small deductible, and a large number of doctors throughout the United States accept these plans.

There are Pros and Cons to Advantage Plans and Supplement Insurance Plans.  HealthyMarks Medicare is a valuable resource to navigate all of these nuances.  Now you have one more tidbit of information to keep in mind when making your enrollment decision.