Turning 65 means you get to save hundreds on health insurance

Turning 65 is the best birthday.  Why? Because you now have access to Medicare which is going to save you hundreds of dollars each month on your health insurance premiums.  Traditional health insurance prices are based on the subscribers age.  As you get older, your plan becomes more expensive.  The reason for this is because older people typically have more medical needs compared to a younger person.

Health insurance prices have skyrocketed the last twenty years.  Premiums are now so expensive it is difficult to make sense of paying so much each month.  As we are in our 50s and early 60s, it is fairly common for people in San Diego to pay $1000 or more each month!

Better Benefits at a Better Price with Medicare

When you are eligible and able to enroll in Medicare at 65, you will have access to fantastic medical insurance at a much better price.  We as taxpayers have contributed to the pool that goes towards Medicare subscribers.  Now it is your turn to take advantage of less expensive insurance with better benefits.  If you were to enroll in a Supplement plan like Plan G, you’ll likely pay only a few hundred dollars each month and your medical treatments will be covered with only a small deductible being your responsibility.

We at HeatlhyMarks Medicare are happy to help you evaluate your San Diego Medicare options, compare them to your current insurance, and find the best next steps for you.  Do not hesitate to reach out and ask for our expertise.