California is making a huge bet on Obamacare this year. They are expanding health insurance subsidies to help the middle class as well as those with the lowest income. This is a major test to see how these expansions will affect the healthcare system in our state.

California, not the Federal Government, is implementing this new mandate.

It is important for everyone to understand the new California mandate. You may be familiar with this mandate because it was originally built into the ACA when it initially passed. However, our current administration removed the mandate because it was so disliked.

California State Capitol

California State Capitol

Making health insurance mandatory encourages more healthy people to sign up. Healthy people are less expensive, meaning it would lead to cheaper premiums across the board. Those who do not sign up pay a fine also contributing to decreasing premiums.

Expect to be paying for health insurance in 2020 or pay a fine. Those who do not have coverage in 2019 will not be fined this year.