Enroll with a HealthyMarks professional from the comfort of your home

We really enjoy meeting face to face with our new clients, something our competition rarely does. It is important that we start a true relationship and getting to know each other is a powerful tool. We’ve found that in person meetings can eliminate a lot of confusion created by a complex enrollment process.  HealthyMarks has expertise in walking newly eligible members through the eligibility and enrollment for Medicare.

Enrolling in Medicare is tough! Our team is trained to take the time to help you every step of the way. If you need extra hand holding during the evaluation of Medicare plans or during the enrollment process, you’ve found the right partner in HealthyMarks. Our enrollment tools allow us to complete the enrollment online via an online signature. We will submit and follow up with the insurance carriers on your behalf so you never need to worry about what happens next. Our team takes the confusion out of Medicare so you are certain you’ve done everything correctly.


HealthyMarks Medicare is a team of San Diego Medicare Enrollment Specialists

HealthyMarks Medicare is here to help you understand your San Diego Medicare enrollment.  It isn’t easy to understand the entirety of the San Diego health insurance marketplace and nobody expects that of you!  Our system has built in a partner for anyone looking for help: the insurance broker.  A good broker is always on your side.  We are able to take your needs and find the right insurance plans for you and your family. Feel free to leverage our expertise anytime you need a hand.