Plan F has long been the very best Medicare Supplement Insurance plan available. It is the best Medicare Supplement Insurance plan because enrolling with it drops your Part B deductible all the way to $0. If you’ve heard of Plan F, you’ve probably heard that starting in 2020, Plan F will no longer be available to everyone

But what is happening to Plan F?  Is it gone forever?

Plan F is still available to those who have enrolled before 2020

If you’re already enrolled in Plan F, you’ll be grandfathered in going forward.  You get to keep your Plan F with that sweet $0 deductible. If you qualify for medicare in 2019, you also can sign up for plan F and be grandfathered in.  But if you are turning 65 in 2020, Plan F will not be available to you.

Plan F is still available to those who turned 65 before 2020, but haven’t enrolled in Medicare yet

Not every carrier is offering this deal, but Anthem Blue Cross of California has a Plan F available to those who qualify.  You need to have turned 65 before 2020 but stayed on your qualifying group insurance policy.  If you think you qualify, and you’d like to sign up for Plan F, give us a call at HealthyMarks Medicare and we can help you enroll.

Medicare’s New Best Supplement Plan: Plan G

Plan F is no longer available to newcomers to Medicare.  Medicare still offers incredibly well priced and well designed plans.  The best plan available after January 1, 2020 will be Plan G.  Plan G is a little less expensive, but it does have a $183 Part B deductible. Like all Supplement Insurance plans, Plan G is a great plan.  Medicare Supplement Insurance plans are a great option if you want to choose which doctors you see.