HealthyMarks was recently quoted in the Sonoma Sun to provide expertise on Medicare Plans

HealthyMarks Medicare is known for providing excellent customer service for those enrolled in plans through our offices. Our team prides itself on doing the extra work to ensure you know exactly what is covered and how much it will cost.  For example, our team is able to take the list of prescriptions you are currently on and provide you with details on how much each refill will cost you and how much your yearly total costs may be.  This sort of expertise is not going unnoticed.  Our HealthyMarks office was recently quoted by Sonoma Valley Sun newspaper to provide context for those enrolling in a Medicare Plan.

“These Medicare Advantage Plans are beneficial to people, so better sign up for one when you turn 65. When you do not sign up as early as possible, there will be penalties that you would not like to deal with. Medicare can take care of you and gives you the support you need when sickness overcomes you. It is a plan that you can trust because it takes care of the things you need when the time comes. When you enroll in Medicare Plans, it will take care of all the coverage the plan includes. As mentioned in HealthyMarks you can choose from a variety of medical and drug plans – plans that can cover ordinary low-cost generic drugs or prescribed maintenance drugs which are more expensive. You can decide which plan to get according to your needs.”

What Is Covered Under Medicare Advantage Plans?