2020 has been tough for all businesses throughout California and many have found it difficult to stay afloat. It has been a difficult time. Dr. Kaci Madden of The Specific San Diego saw this not as a time to worry or feel down, but as an opportunity to show support for the businesses she cares about. Kaci decided she wanted to help local businesses and artists and restaurants that are dear to her. Throughout 2020, Kaci went out of her way to encourage her followers to support businesses she saw were in need of some community love.

How Did Dr. Kaci Madden Support Her Community?

At different points throughout the year, Kaci would highlight a business that she loves and wants to see flourish. She would setup a tab at that business so people could go experience that establishment on her dime. Kaci would then send her social media followers a message encouraging them to go to that restaurant or business. Groups of her followers would show up to support the business and help them stay afloat during these tough times. No doubt these company owners have felt their businesses grow for Kaci’s incredible gratitude.

Some of the businesses that she helped support

For a few examples, I’d like to show you two of the restaurants that Kaci supported. First, one of Kaci’s favorite coffee spots: Copa Vida on Roselle Street San Diego. By offering a tab to her followers to enjoy a cup of coffee at Copa Vida, Dr. Madden was able to show love for her coffee shop while also showing love to her followers by offering a free sample.

Kaci also offered a free meal to her followers at the popular Rhythm’s Chicken and Waffles. In her words, “Rhythm’s Chicken and Waffles is the bomb! I opened up another tab there to help promote small businesses. Swing by and tell them it’s on Dr. Kaci’s Tab to get a meal for a friend on us!
I am beyond grateful for the impact this small weekly deed has been having. Feel free to share the love with friends and family to support local!”

This is the sort of kindness we need in our society. 2020 proved to be a very difficult year for all the businesses in San Diego, especially restaurants attempting to continue to serve through the quarantine protocols. Dr. Madden is a good friend of ours at HealthyMarks and we are really proud of her. I appreciate Kaci supporting our local businesses and I hope you too can join me in supporting Dr. Kaci Madden and The Specific San Diego.

Meet Dr. Kaci Madden and The Specific

Dr. Kaci has helped hundreds of patients just like you heal over the last 4 years. She specializes in upper-cervical chiropractic care which deals directly with your nervous system so that your body can fully heal from chronic and acute disease. Unlike most doctors, she takes a long term approach: her goal is to get you off of care, not keep you on it.

The Specific specializes in helping individuals with a variety of diseases – from fibromyalgia to migraines and everything in between – and has established a strong reputation within the health field.

Dr. Madden is a Chiropractor who offers the health solution for anyone who has been passed around in the health system without truly finding a health solution. For those who have tried different methods and haven’t gotten real results, the specialized technique that Dr. Madden practices is the best option for FULLY healing the body. She is an upper Cervical Chiropractor at The Specific Chiropractic Centers San Diego.

Dr. Kaci Madden is a proud supporter of HealthyMarks Medicare.