HealthyMarks Medicare is a local San Diego Medicare Brokerage

Enrolling in your new Medicare plan is important. And it is important to do it right first!

I have met with too many people who wish to switch Medicare plans but cannot because they failed to enroll in the right plan during their Initial Enrollment Period. To avoid this, it is vital you consult someone with expertise and knowledge about your neighborhood so you can be paired with the right plan the first time.

HealthyMarks Medicare is a local San Diego Medicare team that offers enrollment services to anyone turning 65 and needing a new Medicare plan. Our team is detail oriented and promises to put your needs above our own. There are always other brokers you can reach out to, but HealthyMarks will be your best bet, and here are the top reasons why you should ask our team for help when enrolling in Medicare.

1. Knowledge about San Diego Doctors and Hospitals

HealthyMarks was founded in 2016 as a health insurance brokerage for businesses needing expertise on San Diego health insurance trends. This knowledge translated fantastically into our Medicare offering because we now know all the San Diego networks and can help you navigate them. We are experts on the San Diego Medicare plans offered by all carriers as well as the hospitals and doctors that accept Medicare. You can be confident we will show you all of your options and help you select the best one based on your needs.

2. Meeting Face to Face

We really enjoy meeting face to face with our new clients, something our competition rarely does. It is important that we start a true relationship and getting to know each other is a powerful tool. We’ve found that in person meetings can eliminate a lot of confusion created by a complex enrollment process.

Enrolling in Medicare is tough! Our team is trained to take the time to help you every step of the way. If you need extra hand holding during the evaluation of plans or during the enrollment process, you’ve found the right partner in HealthyMarks. Our enrollment tools allow us to complete the enrollment online via an online signature. We will submit and follow up with the insurance carriers on your behalf so you never need to worry about what happens next. Our team takes the confusion out of Medicare so you are certain you’ve done everything correctly.

3. Our team is happy to help, even after the enrollment

When you are happy and enrolled with your new plan, HealthyMarks is still there to help you. Our relationship doesn’t stop simply because you have your plan; we want to be a resource for you forever. What happens if you cannot get a prescription drug covered? What happens if you receive a bill that doesn’t make sense to you? Give us a call! The HealthyMarks Medicare team has navigated tough phone calls with insurance carriers all of the time and we don’t want you to do that alone either. Other Medicare brokers will not help you in these situations citing HIPAA compliance or making it feel like it is your responsibility. At HealthyMarks Medicare, your concerns are also our concerns and we wish to help you. We’ve found that our best salesmen is our ability to help our current clients. Our happy customers help us find new customers all of the time and it is because of how well we treat them.

If you wish to enroll with a professional team with excellent Medicare services, you have come to the right place.  To learn more about enrolling in San Diego Medicare, click here.