HealthyMarks Medicare can help you every Open Enrollment

Every October we have an opportunity to evaluate our current Medicare plans and make a change for the upcoming year. Sometimes it is important to switch plans because your health needs have changed or your prescription drugs have changed. However, this Open Enrollment there is a new reason to evaluate plans. The Part D Prescription Drug plans are often selected based on which is the least expensive premium. For 2024, there is a new plan with the lowest premium.

Aetna’s SmartRx Part D Prescription Drug Plan

For at least the past 2 year, the Aetna SmartRx plan was the least expensive plan in San Diego. As a broker, I could share the exact pricing with you for these plans. However, you’ll have to schedule a formal appointment and sign a Scope of Appointment. Until then, I can give you ballpark numbers. The SmartRx plan was roughly $X.XX last year. However, this year it is $XX.XX… which isn’t outrageously expensive but is a large increase.  This year, our new low cost Part D provider has a plan that costs roughly $0.XX.  That’s right… there is a plan in San Diego that costs the member only cents per month.

This Aetna SmartRx plan is still an excellent plan and I will recommend it to a lot of my clients because it fits their needs. Just because these plans have low premiums does not mean they are ineffective Prescription Drug plans. The SmartRx plan provides great coverage for generic prescriptions. The plan has popular preferred pharmacies like CVS, RiteAid, Costco, and more. The plan can also ship monthly prescription drugs to you. These plans offer great coverage and meet the requirement of having Part D Prescription Drug coverage.

For 2024, Many Medicare Members will join a Wellcare Part D Plan

The new lowest premium provider of Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plans for 2024 is Wellcare. Wellcare may not have the name recognition that Aetna has, but they have been providing excellent Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans for many years here in San Diego. For 2024, Wellcare is boasting their plans will have the lowest premium in town. With a great plan covering common generics for just $0.XX,  I can see why they are confident it will be the lowest premium Part D plan on the market.

How do I know which Part D Prescription Drug Plan is best for me?

The best thing you can do is ask a professional for help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to help you evaluate these plans. Our team will confirm the prescription drugs you take will be covered at the lowest cost with whichever Prescription Drug plan is best for your needs. Sometimes these low premium plans are not the best option because many Medicare enrollees need more than just generic prescriptions. You may save money on a more expensive Part D Prescription Drug plan that covers the costs for specialty drugs. Every year we at HealthyMarks reach out to our clients and ensure they are still on the best plan for them. If you are looking for this kind of ongoing service for yourself, give us a call.  We’d love to help you.