1) Your Health Needs Have Changed

Last year Alexa’s mother turned 65, joined a Medicare Supplement Plan G, and was able to replace her knee for just $226. She received thousands of dollars worth of treatment but didn’t have to pay for it. Last year, her health needs determined she would save more money on the Supplement Plan G. This Open Enrollment we plan to switch her to an Advantage Plan. She isn’t expecting major medical needs and wants a plan with a lower premium. This year, her healthy status determines she will be best on a less expensive Medicare Advantage Plan.

2) Your Prescription Drugs Have Changed

Many of our clients are happy with an inexpensive prescription drug plan that covers the costs for most generic drugs. What happens if your doctor prescribes a new drug that isn’t covered by your current plan? Give HealthyMarks Medicare a call. We can help you find a Part D Prescription Drug Plan that will cover the costs for this new drug.

October 15 – 2023’s Medicare Open Enrollment

Every October we have an opportunity to evaluate our Medicare plans and decide if we want to make changes for the upcoming year. This Open Enrollment has 2 extra reasons to consider making a switch.  First, Scripps has decided they will no longer be accepting any Medicare Advantage plans to stick within their network. Second, Aetna’s extremely popular Part D Prescription Drug plan is no longer the least expensive option on the market.  Wellcare has a new Part D Prescription Drug Plan that is going to be very popular. Give HealthyMarks a call if you are interested in a broker who can save you money on your prescription drug plans.