There are two conversations I have with business owner all the time. These are the two scenarios that tell me we’ll likely be doing business together. Let me explain…

Shopping your broker ensures you have the right information

“I don’t need a broker. We’ve already made a decision this year…”

Perfect! This is exactly the type of conversation I love to have. If I can show you ideas you didn’t hear from your broker, you’d be willing to listen, right? Well that is one of our team’s talents; we find options other brokers haven’t thought of. At a minimum, I can assure you that you’ve made the right decision… or I’ll show you something better.

“We already have a broker…”

I’ve heard that same sentence 100 times. Every one of my clients has at one point said to me, “I’ve already got a broker. Changing brokers can be tough, because you have a relationship there. But if you hear something your current broker hasn’t told you… he isn’t doing his job.

HealthyMarks wins businesses’ love over because we are really great at finding ideas other brokers haven’t thought of.

I suggest you shop your broker often. Brokers approach situations differently. It is absolutely worth your time to hear a few ideas before making a final decision.