CVS Purchases Aetna. What does this mean for you?

March 8, 2018

CVS recently purchased Aetna for 69 billion dollars. This is a huge transition in the health insurance industry that has multiple layers. It's a good merger and will impact how you receive your health care over the next 15 to 30 years.


It is worth noting that CVS already has a major foothold in the healthcare industry as they provide over the counter drugs to many people throughout the United States. Patients often will go to a pharmacy within CVS to get their prescription drugs filled. Having the ability to streamline the process by being both the health insurance carrier and the prescription drug provider has great synergy.


In similar news Amazon was granted the ability to be a wholesale drug retailer in 12 states. This means that Amazon can ship drugs directly to patients that are typically reserved for over-the-counter pharmacies. Amazon takes on a creative strategy while providing a single place to receive both your health insurance and your prescription drugs. Visits with doctors directly within a CVS looks like a great way to stay relevant and have a stronger foothold in your local community.


Still, this is many many years off. What should you expect out of your health insurance if you currently have an Aetna policy? Don't expect much to change. Aetna plans are still active and oftentimes the best PPO or HSA available in any given community.



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